There was a time when taking screenshots was not a native feature. You had to use overlay apps, remap keys and even root your device just to be able to take screenshots. But those days are over when the support for taking screenshot through a combination of keys was added to Android. The combination of keys may differ according to the device. Usually, you have to press and hold Power and Volume down keys for a short period of time to take a screenshot. However, this may not always be easy depending upon where your keys are. But fear not. This article will show you an easy way to take screenshot. Here’s how to use Home button to take screenshots.

Use Home button to take screenshots

You don’t need a rooted device to follow this guide. This works by replacing Google app as the default assist app to the app we’re going to use on this guide. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download Screenshot assistant. Open it and the app will prompt you to replace Google app as the default assist app.

Step 2: On the Screenshot Assistant’s welcome screen, tap on “Assist app preferences” located at the last page. This will take you to the device’s Assist & voice input settings.use Home button to take screenshots

Step 3:  Tap on Assist app. Select Screenshot Assistant. This will enable you to activate the app when you press the home button.

Step 4: Tap and hold the home button when you want to capture a screen. You can even crop the screenshot you take.use Home button to take screenshots

Step 5: Tap the save button to save the captured screen. The default path is Pictures > Screenshots. You can share the screenshots too.

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