Streaming live videos on social media is the new craze. When Instagram rolled out the update to enable its users to broadcast live video, no body stopped from using it to live stream from the club, or the even they were in. Recently, Instagram updated this feature and included the ability to save the live video on your gallery. Now, you can share the live video you saved, but for 24 hours only. Here’s how to share live video on Instagram.

Share live video on Instagram

You need to go live before you can share it. So, go ahead and live stream whatever you are currently doing. When you decide to end the broadcast, the end screen will give you the option to save the video. You can also share the video from the same screen. Tap the share button and your video will be available for you followers in a few minutes. The live videos you share will appear as a story on your followers’ and your own feed. You can tap it to view. Also, you can delete it or block some of your followers from being able to view it. share live video on Instagram

Just like the Instagram Stories, your followers can reply to your live video. You can access those message the same way you access all your other messages – from the DM window. You can also see how many and who played your video. Just swipe up when it’s playing. From the same screen, you can block your followers from viewing your future stories.

This feature is actually pretty useful if you think about it. The ability to save live videos that would otherwise disappear can help you save a lot of awesome memories that you can later watch.

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