Messaging apps are no longer just a medium for simple text based conversations. They have evolved quite a lot. The can now include a lot more than just text messages. Sending photos and videos are quite commonly share on such apps. These past few years, gifs have become quite popular on messaging apps. Viber, a popular messaging app, has rolled out an update that includes support for in-app YouTube search and share. You must be running the lasts version of the app to use this feature. Here’s how to search and share YouTube videos in Viber.

Search and share YouTube videos in Viber

Make sure you are on the latest version on the app first; otherwise you will not get this to work. Follow the steps to search and share YouTube videos in Viber:

Step 1: Open Viber.

Step 2: Tap the search icon. This will replace the keyboard with a screen showing some of the popular videos on your region.

Step 3: Use the text box that you use to type in and send message to search for videos on and share YouTube videos in Viber

Step 4: You can watch the video by tapping on it, or share / send it by tapping on the share button next to it.

Step 5: If you’re on the receiving side, you can play the video by simply tapping on it. It will open on the default browser.

This is it. Now, you don’t need to switch between Viber and YouTube to share videos. But if you think about it, sharing a video from YouTube to Viber or from inside the Viber may not have much difference, but it depends on the person. For me, this new feature is pretty useful.

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