Android is an open source operating system; which can be a good thing and bad. If you only download safe apps after researching then you’ll be fine. But not everyone has the time to do that. Play Sore being a massive disposable of apps for your Android device is littered with a lot of fake and malicious apps. This app may access your mic and camera and pose a great threat to your privacy. However, there are some counter-measures. One such counter-measure is CameraMicAlert. This app alerts you whenever your front/back camera and mic is being used. This can be quite helpful as mobile devices do not have any sort of light indicator like they have on laptops and webcams. Here’s how to get alerted when camera and mic are being used on Android.

Get Alerted when Camera and Mic are being used on Android

Get started by installing CameraMicAlert from the Google Play Store. After it has finished installing, open the app and grant the permission to allow it to access camera and mic, along with other special permissions. This app will run on background and after a boot. Now, you can do what you want on your device and forget about the app.Get alerted when camera and mic are being used

If your camera or mic is being used by an app, CameraMicAlert will send you a notification saying they are being used. You see a notification on the status bar indicating if the camera is being used or not. The app will also detect if it is the front or back camera that is being used. This app works perfectly on all of the latest devices and accurately tell you if camera and mic are being used. CameraMicAlert will act as your privacy protector from various malicious apps, provided that these apps are not too sophisticated and avoid detection.

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