Our old folks aren’t like us. They cannot use a smartphone like we can. But since the world has gone ‘mobile’ why do the old folks have to be left behind? There are many apps that can transform an android smartphone into a senior friendly smartphone. Here we’re going to talk about the app launchers for senior citizens that can make an android smartphone accessible and easy to use for them.

Necta Launcher

Developer: Necta

necta launcherPrice: Free Trial / In App PurchaseNecta Launcher comes with minimal design and layout and it simplifies the appearance for the users who want only the stuffs they actually use. It has a grid layout with big buttons for call, contacts, SMS, camera, gallery, SOS button, etc. Moreover, these buttons can be replaced as per user’s need or more buttons can be added. One thing that gives contrast to this launcher is its SOS button. As the launcher is focused on elders and kids, the SOS button can come handy and it can also accessed by just ‘waving hands’ over the device. You can also enable 24/7 location tracking for your own safety. The only downside to this app is its language support (only English); other than that it is “the” launcher for elders. Get this launcher here.

Big Launcher

Developer: BIG Launcher

big launcherPrice: Free Trial / In App PurchaseAs the name suggests, everything is big on this launcher except its size. Each home screen (demo version is limited to only 5 additional screens) is limited to five big and distinctive icons with big date and time on the top. Its “all big” interface makes it easier for elderly with vision or any accessibility problem to operate the device. Also, all the menus contain large font and interface. It also has a SOS button which can come handy in time of emergencies. Recent update to this launcher has made it faster and smoother to operate. This is another great app for our old folks with one downside, only the demo version with limited features is free. Download it from Play Store.

Large Launcher Senior Phone

Developer: tbeasy team

Large Launcher Senior Phone
Large Launcher Senior Phone

Price: FreeThis is another big interfaced senior friendly app launcher and it is absolutely free. This launcher comes with large colored icons to help seniors operate the phone without any stress and fear of making mistakes. Its ‘one screen operation’ which provides everything within hand’s reach and simple UI is ideal for elderly operation. The home screen can be loaded with big colorful icons which are frequently needed such as favorite contacts, dial, SMS, camera, settings, gallery, SOS, etc. Moreover, it also includes some themes. You can get it here.


Developer: Fontrillo

FontrilloPrice: FreeFontrillo is like any other senior friendly app launcher with a little bit more focus on wellbeing. It provides functionality such as Emergency Call, Telelocalization, Text to Speech and Assisted Configuration. Other features include one touch access to phonebook, SMS, call log with big fonts. Even the keyboard is designed with big keys in alphabetical order. The notifications for SMS, missed call, etc. are displayed clearly on the screen which require your acknowledgement to disappear. The contrasting feature this launcher has is that the SOS button is displayed on every screen and also the current geographical location will sent during call and SMS on pre-assigned numbers. Download this launcher from here.


Developer: UIU LTD.

WiserPrice: FreeWe kept the best for last. This senior friendly app launcher is very neat and minimal. It has big icons, smart notifications, scrollable app drawer with big distinctive icons, dialer with large buttons and fonts, phonebook with easily viewable contacts, and a smart in call screen. Its interface is very easy to use. But it falls short in personalization than other app launcher mentioned in this article. Get it from Play Store.


  1. Amogh,
    Thank you very much to post this. I’m with Large Launcher team, we appreciate you put us in this article.
    Is that possible I can reach out with and ask your suggestion on Large Launch?
    Qing Wu

  2. These are all great resources! Have you heard of ONY Phone by SilverActivities though? They have a really clean launcher with lots of extra features – plus it’s reasonable, and easy to navigate. Arguably it’s prettier than a lot of the existing launchers as well, a lot less clunky looking!


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