login pageSurviving all day whilst remembering all the task you need to do can be tiresome. Noting down all the task you need to do for the day can be unmanageable. So ditch all those post-it notepads and pick up your phone as it is all you need from now on. No need of paper or pen. Here in this article we’re going to talk about an app that will keep you on your schedule all day long. is the app that’ll help you plan your day and keep it simple and organized whether you’re at home or office. Here’s how you plan your day with app.

First thing first. Download the app via Google Play Store. Once that’s done, open up the app and create an account by either using your email address or by using Facebook or Google account. android appAfter you’ve registered and logged in, it’s time to do the stuff for which we downloaded the app for – creating tasks. is a simple and straight app, nothing here is complicated and even a kid can operate it. To create a task tap on write your task on the text box and tap ‘+’ icon located on the top right corner. It will suggest the task too. There’s two way you can create tasks – by typing in text or by recording the task you need to complete. You can even share the task with your friends by typing in your friends’ name or email address.

create folder on android focuses on organization. You can even create folders and sort your task on the basis of home, office or others. To create folders, simply tap on the ‘Menu’ icon and then go to Settings. Tap on ‘Preferences’ and then on ‘Folders. There you can tap on ‘New Folder’ icon at the bottom. You can also create Folders by taping on any task, clicking on ‘Folder’ icon and then clicking on ‘New’. You can move your task into folders by dragging them or taping on the task and then taping on the ‘Folder’ icon.

You can also sync all your task for back up. To do so, tap on ‘Menu’ and the go to ‘Settings’. Once there, tap on ‘Sync’ to perform a sync.

delete finished taskIf you tend to forget your task easily, you can set a remainder. To do so tap on the task you want to be reminded and tap on the ‘Remainder’ icon (clock like icon), then you can set time of remainder, repetition on remainder and set location.

Creating a task is not all that this app can do. It can delete a task too. There’s two ways to delete a task. You can either swipe the task to left or you can shake your device. You can delete all the done task by going into ‘Settings’, then in ‘Preferences’ tap on ‘Done Task’. Tap on ‘Delete All’ to delete all the finished tasks. can be operated with 24 different languages including Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Korean, etc. To select a language, go to ‘Settings’, then on ‘Preference’ tap on ‘Language’.



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