For all who don’t know what vine is; it is a six second movie maker and it makes the videos loop like a GIF maker. This app is basically used by Twitter user to share interesting and entertaining videos. Since Vine only allows you to record a video of only 6 seconds, you really need to focus on what is important about the video you’re recording. The quality of the recorded videos are pretty fair and will look good on almost phones with quality camera. This article focuses on how to use Vine to record and share videos rather than reviewing it, so let’s get to it.

First of all we start by downloading the app from Google Play Store. After the app is downloaded and installed on your android device, we’re ready to create a new account. Open the app and you’ll be asked to register. Enter your active email address, password and mobile number. If this is too much for you, you can simply register via you’re Twitter account. Once you’ve registered Vine will ask you whether to upload you’re contacts to your Vine account. Choose if you want to do it or not.


After you’ve registered through any of the two methods mentioned above, it’s time to add glitter to your profile. Tap on the ‘Home’ icon on the top left corner and then tap on ‘Menu’ which is the 3 vertical dots on the top right corner. In ‘Menu’ tap on ‘Settings’. Here you can add a few words to describe yourself, add your location, reset password. Choose your viewer, change notifications settings. You can also find and add friends by via text or email or your contacts. You can connect to your social networks (Twitter or Facebook) or log out from your Vine account.


Now we’re all set up to use Vine. We’ll start by browsing trending posts. To do so you need to tap on the ‘Explore’ icon (Eye like icon) and then on ‘Popular Now’. Here you can see the post that are currently popular on Vine. You can also view the post that are on the rise by taping on ‘On the Rise’ icon. You can view post according to categories, namely Animals, Art, Comedy, DIY, Family, Food, Music and Dance, News, Places, Science and Tech, Sports and Style or browse by ‘trending tags’ or ‘people’.


Now we learn to record a video on Vine. To do so, all you need to do is tap on ‘Record” icon (video camera like icon) and press and hold the screen. You can even press and releases your figure to pause the recording or save the recorded video and resume it later. After you’ve recorded what you want you can post it and add your location, choose a channel to post your video on, share your video on Twitter and Facebook.


You can even communicate with your friends on Vine and interact with other Vine users. To ‘Vine Message’ or ‘VM’, you need to tap on ‘Message’ icon and then tap on ‘Record Message’ icon to record a video message. On you do that it is similar to recording a video. Tap and hold to record a message, tap on ‘Next’ icon (greater than icon) and select who you want to send the message to. You can either select the receiver via your address book or search for a Vine user.


You can also like a Vine user’s post, leave a comment or share the post with a friend. You can follow someone by tapping on their name and then on ‘Follow’ or send a message of appreciation to the user by tapping on message icon.

Vine has also launched it services on the web. That means you can login and browse videos on the web, view your feeds, like videos, post comments and everything else.


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