Music- the art invented in the pre-historic era, was one of the greatest inventions by mankind and it now has thousands of branches which are commonly called as genres. Developed a lot in all lyrics, musical instruments and voice, it is obvious in this existing world that if we are humans, we love music. Its only the point that some are music maniac, and some just love to listen occasionally. And upto this time, the technology, specially in case of Internet and Smartphones is developed so much that these have become almost the basic needs for must of us. All the perspectives being added in this topic is that if you are an Android smartphone user (most of us actually are, from the very first time Android was developed), Spotify for android can be a right choice for you to listen your favorite music anytime you want.

spotify for android

Similar to some extent to the Pandora internet radio, Spotify for android is an online music service that lets you play songs from a library of more than 15 million tracks, build playlists, and get recommendations from other members or from its own suggestion engine. But unlike that of Pandora internet radio, it is not an internet radio neither does it play the comedy audio for you (it will let you select your favorite radio though, by clicking at the radio icon, and it will play it for you). It is a pure music app, using which you can listen to your favorite music, but you have to be online. It will also let you download the music of your choice, but to do that you have to upgrade it to the ad-free premium version, paying US$9.99. That is pretty much expensive, but it will have so much features that you would not possibly regret paying that much for this. One of that is you will be able to play in any of your devices- whether it be your mobile, tablet or computer. However, there are pretty much features you’ll like in the free version on the app itself. You can skip the tracks, but there will be the limit of six skips per hour. You will get the Extreme mode too, in which you can play 320 kbps high quality of music, crisp and fine.

spotify for android

Overall, Spotify for android is a solid app for the music lover Android users, who just love to listen the music of their choice online. Still, in case you want to download any tracks of your choice and put them in your device’s storage, you can try the music maniac app for android.




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