WhatsApp has now become the basic messaging app for most of us, since the very first time it was launched. The wonderful features which are in WhatsApp makes us addictive, and it is more popular since Facebook acquired it.

Many of us in our daily lives use WhatsApp a lot, and sent a lot of files through it and it is the most important feature of WhatsApp which made it popular. Among the files, mainly images we send and receive in WhatsApp, many of them can be our private, which we don’t want others to see. But it is so annoying that the images we transfer visibly appear in our phone’s Gallery, because since our mobile may be used anytime by anyone, they can also see the images which we don’t want them too.

For all the Android smartphone users, who are searching how to hide WhatsApp images from gallery in Android, your search comes to the end here.hide whatsapp images from gallery

You can follow the following given steps to hide WhatsApp images from gallery in Android:

  1. Go to the file manager of your phone. Most of the android have it in default, and in case if your smartphone or tablet doesn’t have it, you can download it from the Google Play Store for free. There are so many free file manager apps available in the play store, but ES File Manager is one of the best.
  2. Go to the Whatsapp folder. It can be in your SD card if you have it installed, or even in your phone’s internal storage.
  3. Click the Media, inside the WhatsApp folder. Inside it, go to the WhatsApp images folder. Then at the bottom left of your display, you will see an  ‘+’ icon with the ‘new’ label below it, or go to options and click on add new. Afterwards, click on File option which yo can see.
  4. Name the file .nomedia. You’re now done. Head to the default Gallery app of your smartphone, and you cannot see your WhatsApp images there (clear the cache and data if you still see).
  5. To view them again in your Gallery, you will just require to go to the WhatsApp images, and delete the .nomedia file which is in there. You’ll be able to see them again, and in case you don’t, clear the cache and data once again.

In case you don’t want to hide and make your Gallery secure by merely locking it, you can try AppLock for Android.


  1. Just a suggestion… while wiriting make sure your phone auto correct feature does not add space after “.” so name should be “.nomedia” instead of “. nomedia”. It will definitely work

  2. Do all android WhatsApp images get named to.. img-20180123-wa0005.jpg?
    I’m trying to figure out where this rename of an image comes from when I receive them usually it’s only the date-time.jpg

  3. Hi there, I deleted the file but only the images that are newly sent are coming up and not all the ones that have been sent to me via WhatsApp in the past. Is there any way to make those appear in Gallery?


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