Here we have come up with the review of a useful app for most of us, AppLock, developed by DoMobile Lab, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free. The application’s primary feature is to secure your apps from being misused from others, and it has also a number of features as Hiding AppLock icon itself.

Security is one of our most basic needs and we need everywhere, in house, at work, and in the smartphones too. Most of us in the present world use android smartphones, and fear of mishandling and spamming our phone by someone else. Android has its own security system, but this is for the whole system, and this is available only when the phone is locked. It may be difficult for us to keep our phone secure while unlocked, and it may also be quite bothering for most of us to draw the pattern or type the password every-time we want to unlock our phone.

applock - secure your app

Once you download it from the play store

  • Install and open it
  • you will be prompted to enter a new password, re-enter it and then register your email (to recover the password in case you forget it).
  • You’ll have the option to set pattern and/or change your password later, through the settings menu of AppLock, which can be accessed by clicking the icon given at the top left-hand corner.

You’ll then have the access inside, where you’ll see the apps arranged generally in two categories- Advanced and General. In the Advanced category, mostly the play store app, settings, call, task and app manager are given, while the rest of your apps fall in General category.

You can lock all the apps at once, but since you won’t like it, you’ll have the option to lock the apps individually which you like to keep secret within yourself. You won’t need to worry about the task killers, since no task killer can kill it without permission, and your apps will always be secured.

Once you lock your targeted apps, you’ll require to enter the password or draw the pattern every time you open the locked app.


applock locked app

When you click the icon given at the top left-hand corner, you’ll get many options within the app, some of which are photo vault, video vault, themes, profiles etc., but you’ll have to upgrade to premium by paying the stated fee (or there is even the version, in which you won’t have to pay, but there will be ads on the apps instead) to use most of them.

In the premium version, you’ll even get the option to hide the AppLock icon and many more features. Still, the free version has certainly a lot of features we need, and it is sufficient for those who don’t want to spend or don’t want ads to bother for the app.


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