Motorola-Moto-EThe entry level smartphone recently released by Motorola: Motorola Moto E, a budget friendly entry level smartphone,  with the tag “made to last, priced for all” is probably the best in its range. Here we have the Motorola Moto E review in detail.

For the entry-level smartphone users, Motorola has cut down a few features in this phones and has kept the price down, so that it has become a strong competitor to the rival brands. The smartphone is selling excellent in emerging markets such as India and Latin America, where the smartphone was mainly targeted for the customers.

Here are the pros and cons listed from the review of the smartphone:

1. For the given price (130$ international, or INR 7,000 in India), you get Corning gorilla glass, splash proof water resistant coating. Even the mainstream brands’ mid-range phones  don’t provide this. It seriously helps in reducing scratches and adds a premium look to the display as it is glass unlike the plastic covering that you come across in others.
The BUILD QUALITY is the BEST HANDS DOWN!! Coming from an OEM manufacturer, the finishing and the quality of plastic used is way better than the normal mid-range phones.

2. 1.2 GHz dual core processor, snap dragon 200, though slightly an older model processor, combine this with the 1GB RAM and be rest assured you have a butter smooth interface and browsing experience. AT THIS PRICE RANGE, 1.2GHZ, 1GB RAM, SNAPDRAGON PROCESSOR WITH ADRENO 302GPU IS UNMATCHED!!!


3. Since the display is covered over by glass (corning gorilla glass 3), it looks amazingly premium when you hold it in your hands compared to the plasticy looking Samsung and Micromax devices.

4. The qHD (540×960) display with 256ppi density is better than any other entry level and most mid-range mobiles which retails for around more than $200. And in real life too, the image reproduction is just unbelievably amazing.

moto e front

5. It also has Adreno 302 400Hz single core GPU, which can easily take on some of the high intensity games like FLcommander, latest angry birds etc., though you will finds lags in the super high end games like NOVA 3 or asphalt 8 etc. but unlike the other phones in this range, it will be able to run the apps, but you cannot expect a lag free experience, but it still does the job when you reduce the graphics detail level.

6. The camera: Only rear main camera. 5 mega pixels. No autofocus. No flash. Yet, this is more than sufficient as this phone proves to do a good job even in low light settings. Please note, there is no auto focus and tweaking the settings a little you can obtain grain free, fine quality pictures even in low light. It does take 720p videos at 30fps.

7. The best feature, which even the moto G and X lacks: SD card support!!! expandable upto 32gb!!!. This more than makes up for the lack of OTG support. Please note 4gb of internal storage is given, out of which around 1.8gb will be already utilized for the android system. Expect around 2 to slightly less than 2gb of free internal storage. It is highly advised you book at least a 16gb sd card.

8. The 1980mAh is sure as hell to last an entire day’s usage. Please note the battery remains user not-removable as in the case of moto g and x. With a combination of heavy and moderate usage, it lasted easily for an entire day.

9. It supports 3G, 2g, wi-fi connectivity.

10. The speakers are in the front so it doesn’t get blocked when you keep it face up on flat surfaces.

11. Beautiful customizable back covers, you can make you own personal statement now. You can be sure of its quality coming from motorola themselves, much like the ones available with Moto G.

moto e review

12. Clean Android OS, as in Nexus Devices.

All other sensors are standard with GPS, magnetometer, proximity sensor etc.

At this killer price, there is really no CONS to be added. Yet, let me point out to things that the Moto e is lacking compared to its elder sibling The moto g:

1. Moto g has a snapdragon 400 quadcore, this is only dual core.
2. No led notification.
3. No flash for camera. No front facing camera!!!
4. No USB OTG support.
5. Graphics not sufficient for really heavy and high end graphics intensive games like NOVA 3, Asphalt 3 etc., though they will run with less specifications on graphics detail.

ConclusionThe phone certainly has some cons, but with the numerous cons, it is in overall an excellent value for money, and will be the milestone for entry-level android smartphone users. Good going Motorola!


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