Autocorrect may be a good option, designed for the ease of the customers while typing, but it doesn’t always play nice. If we don’t know to turn off autocorrect, it’s annoying when we usually type the word and the option shows several words which we do not want to use. It’s even more annoying when we type the correct word fully, and the autocorrect corrects the word itself and replaces it with the word which is of no use. This usually happens because there are never really all of the words used in the common language in the dictionary, and we often use a lot of shortcuts. Though it helps us to correct our words and represent them in a proper way, usually when we need to text fast, it bothers us too much by its features. We need not to be irritated by this feature though, since we can always turn off autocorrect or turn it on, according to our need on our android smartphone. Here are the following simple steps which will guide you through how to turn off autocorrect options on your android:

turn off autocorrect

  • From your main menu, open the gear-like settings menu which will lead you inside the sub-categories of it.
  • Scroll down, and tap the language and keyboard option which is given.
  • Tap on Keyboard or Multi-touch Keyboard. It could be something similar, depending on which phone you have.
  • Uncheck the Auto-correct error option, or whatever similar you find to this on your android smartphone. If it is unchecked already, simply check it at first and then uncheck it, since it may be an error.
  • You can close the menu now, since there are no setting save options. In some cases, you may require to reboot your phone.
  • You can simply enjoy your autocorrect free typing now, without any replacement or suggestions of the words you’ve typed.

turn off autocorrect

If you want the autocorrect feature back to be used, you need to follow the same steps, but you should check the box which you’ve unchecked previously.

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