Admit it, we all have been (or go regularly often) to the places which we don’t want others to know. Nowadays, wherever we go, we carry our Android smartphone with us. This is because we have come to the age that we can live without anything, but not the smartphone. And yes, our smartphone tracks our location. That can be easily turned off with just a tap, but as it is useful most of the times, we might not want to do it.

So, here we are going to discuss about how to manage your google location history in your smartphone.

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You can view, edit, enable or disable or pause your Location history from your PC. To view this or know more, follow this link.

location history

What do these all stand for:

  • Location History: This is the record of where you have been until the very moment that you’ve checking in. Google has tracked you (your smartphone’s location) every 45 seconds while you are travelling, and little less frequently if you are in rest. Note that you should have turned on your location (GPS) settings in your smartphone or whatever for this.
  • Enable Location History: If you have never visited the location history site before (follow the link above), you don’t have the data saved for this. To start saving your location history, you must enable and you can see that in the site if you are visiting it for the first time.
  • Pause location History: Google will stop saving your location history for a while, until you actually resume it yourself. If you want Google to not show you two days later where you are going immediately after, you can pause the location.

You can also save your home and work history there. For that, go to Home and Work section in the bottom left corner, and click on ‘add your home address’, or ‘add your work address’, which ever you want to. You will get a pop-up to add your address, with an option to save it.

In the right, you will have the ‘delete location history’ option. Click on this to have all your location history erased. Remember that you will not have any option to backup your data before you delete all, so be careful on that (this means be clear if you really want to erase all or keep it).

The ‘Pause Location History’ can also be done directly from your smartphone with just a tap. If you are not active on other devices and just on your smartphone, all you have to do is just to turn off the Location Settings of your smartphone. Go to Settings >> Location on your phone’s menu for that.

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