Got bored of having the long horizontal Google Search Bar in the homescreen of your Android Device? Well, you might have been, at least sometimes, if now always. Many of the Android Devices these days (especially those running on the Lollipop version, all the Nexus and Motorola devices, the devices which have clean or near clean Android OS, and all other devices which have Google Now Launcher) have the Google Search Bar in the homescreen. Google has kept the search bar along with the Google Now Launcher because it wants you to use this bar as much as possible. Though having so makes the users easy to search the system as well as the web, most of us would not want to keep it.

remove the Google Search Bar from Homescreen

Personally speaking, I would at all times open the chrome browser and search anything in it, rather than to search through the search bar. Even while searching the device’s internal aspects, I’d rather look at all the individual icons one by one, rather than typing in the search bar. This is because the search bar loads a hell lot of stuff as soon as you click on it, which is nothing but just the history of your recent searches. You can any time delete the search history, but still the process is gimmicky. You can not delete the search history everytime you search something, and then you might even not want to come as a suggestion in the  search bar. The worst thing is if you have searched for anything you do not want others to see, but they take your smartphone and exactly click on the search bar- either mistakenly or knowingly. How would that moment be? Not so good. So, you would in that case do nothing other than to wish that you did not have the bar in your Android homescreen. Not only this, at times, you just do not want to see the nasty looking, whitey white search bar staying in your homescreen, like it owns it. Some other apps’ shortcuts can be installed in the space it takes, or the space can even be used for something more useful, like a clock or climate information. So, it might sometimes just be better for you to remove the Google Search Bar from homescreen of your Android.

If you want to remove the Google Search Bar from homescreen of your Android device, you might also have tried to long press the bar, and remove it the way you delete the shortcuts of other apps. Doing this, you might have noticed that you can not delete that bar so easily, as you will not see any options to delete the bar. Here comes the point? How to delete that bar? If in case you tried and did not succeed in deleting the search bar previously, you may even had made the mindset that  the search bar simply cannot deleted and you will have to get used to it. But it is not so, you can easily remove the Google Search Bar from homescreen of your Android device, and here we are with the guide for the same process. There are currently two methods for the same.

Method 1

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go into Settings
  2. Go to Apps / Applications / App Manager (the name depends on your device)
  3. Swipe to All
  4. Scroll to Google Search and tap on it
  5. Tap on Disable
  6. Tap on OK when it asks if you’re sure

This way now you have already succeeded to remove the Google Search Bar from homescreen of your Android.

Method 2

You can also use a custom app launcher from the Google Play Store to remove the search bar. Other apps like Zero launcher, Etheme launcher or many others will not have the Search Bar in the homescreen by default.

Useful for you:


  1. 1) Long press in an empty space on the home screen, or an empty spot where an app or widget can be placed on any page of the home screen(s) (terminology?)
    2) Click Settings icon on bottom of screen (“WALLPAPERS WIDGETS SETTINGS”)
    3) Deselect “Include google search bar on home screen”

    My phone is:
    – Android 6.0.1
    – Verizon Motorola Droid Turbo 2

    found clue at:

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  3. I deleted it with the first method but the search bar is still there and doesntdoesntd do anytjing. I cantc click on it or delete it or anything. Restarting it didn’t work either. Moto g5+

  4. Thank you lalit, I have been trying to move the really annoying google search bar and you have just guided me through the process!
    Just to mention your device needs to be turned on/off or rebooted for the search bar to go.


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