Zero Launcher reviewCustomizing our Android smartphones is one of our most loved works, at least among those which we can do in the phones. This would obviously be, since one of the main reason of Android popularity is its customization ability. In the same process, sometimes we love changing our phone’s outlook for a refreshment, or just to have some fun, since always using the same default launcher of our phone is boring. If you are also the one who are into this, Zero Launcher can be a good option.

Pros & Cons of Zero Launcher

Pros Cons
Small file size Missing app icons reported
Smooth, customizable and fast UI Less used apps go to folders
Nice icons and outlook with free theme every day

Zero Launcher, which is developed by Zero Team, is a free launcher app. One of its main advantages is that its file size is so small- only a little above 1 MB. This means, you can get rid of the heavy TouchWiz or any other customed UI from your phone’s manufacturer, or simply install it for refreshment even if your phone is stock Android. You will feel the difference as soon as you install it, you will see the time along with weather, and other necessary icons in the home screen. There is no menu option, you will see the apps which you’ve had as shortcuts in the screen (all in different tiles), and rest of them in ‘other apps’ icon. You will also have necessary shortcuts such as Wifi, Data etc in the notification bar, which will make you easy if you don’t have them in default. In addition to being a launcher, it also works as a booster for your smartphone. That means, it can clear the unnecessary data or cache, to speed up your phone’s performance. All you have to do is tap in the icon which has the image of boost, with the percentage below.

In overall, though the Zero launcher has some minor downsides, it is a good launcher to have in your Android smartphone. The animations are really cool, and you will have the exact amount of settings that you’d prefer to have. You will see your phone’s screen in a blue, smooth interface and you will certainly love it at the first sight. It may be due to its several advantages that its name in the Play Store reads as Zero- boost, theme, wallpaper.

Download Zero Launcher from Google Play Store.


  1. The biggest Con in this app is that it is a Trojan. It WILL NOT UNINSTALL. I can unistall from the Phone, and after a few seconds, it reappears in the icon traay, and on Google Play Store. Bad! Do not Use!

  2. That’s strange… I was able to uninstall it from my old phone without a problem. I would suggest you delete the icon, and you can also delete Zero from “my apps” in the App Store. I also use a small app called CCleaner which is great to clear out junk & residual folders. If all else fails, try a factory reset of your phone, BUT make sure you check the boxes to save your data & settings beforehand, to be able to restore your phone afterwards.

  3. I have the same issue with the app reinstalling. I tried doing a factory reset on the phone – the app came back. Not only that, I now do not have the option of uninstalling the app. It is as if it was a pre-installed app! Along with this launcher seems to come other unwanted apps. They were reinstalling themselves multiple times a day. I tried turning off wifi and data, but they kept turning on by themselves. That’s when I did the factory reset. Afterwards, I still had the issues, so I installed a firewall. That seems to help with the wifi, data, and apps – as long as I don’t turn the phone off. I’m am now trying Nova Launcher, to see if that helps with Zero. I have deleted some files. I wish I could figure out exactly which files need to be deleted or lines of code changed to allow me to completely rid my phone of it. Oh, and I have deleted it from the Play Store – no help.

  4. This is the best free launcher so far pretty sleek, well organized… it really made my phone awesome.. but.. after the noughat update smart folder seem to disappear at times for no reason.. hope they will be able to fix the bugs…

  5. I love zero launcher have been using it for years now…..but it seems after I download it for some reason after a while a lot of malware started to attack my phone…..once I couldn’t even get Into my phone zero launcher didn’t permit it….. It froze so bad to the point to where I couldn’t even conduct a factory reset….for 24 hrs???….and now I have a new device add it keeps notifying me to get rid of it…..Zero….what’s the deal?


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