As we all know that Android is highly customizable, it is done so according to the will of the manufacturers. Except some of the clean android devices out there- the Nexus, Motorola and other Google play edition phones, all the manufacturers add their own UI to the android smartphones and tablets; such as the TouchWiz for Samsung Galaxy series, Sense UI for HTC devices, MIUI for Xiaomi devices and many more. Even if the smartphone has a stock android, it has its default home-screen and customization of its own. While this may be boring for most of us (to use the same type of interface all the time), we may want some re-freshness, or make our phone’s homescreen/icons/interface look a little different. For this, there are several launchers available in the Google Play Store, or in other third-party app stores or websites. Here we have some details about the three best free launchers (in our consideration, not everyone may think them to be the best) which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store:

1) Nova Launcher: Nova launcher is one of the best free android launcher, having a lot of customizations. Developed by TeslaCoil Software, Nova Launcher replaces your home screen with one you control and can customize. Change icon themes, colors, layouts, animations and more. With the features such as color theme options, OK Google, icon themes, widgets, subgrid positioning and many others, this app will definitely look your smartphone or tablet look amazing, and easier for you to use too. There is also a prime version of this app, which costs around $4, but it has very few more features, and the free version itself is too good for us.

best free launchers

2) Go Launcher Ex: The Go Launcher Ex is a free android launcher available in the Google Play Store, developed by Go launcher Dev Team. GO Launcher EX is perfect for people who are getting a bit tired of seeing the same old Android launch interface. This will make you a lot easy to use your phone, as it has the most useful shortcuts in its homescreen- the data, wifi, brightness and some others. This also has a pro version, but the free is good though. You can pinch or slide up on a home screen to preview all your home screens. From there you can re-arrange your home screens, set a default home screen, remove or add more home screens. All these can be done in a user friendly interface.

best free launchers

3) Google Now Launcher: This was in the primitive times exclusive for the Nexus 5, and is now available for all of the Stock android and devices out there. The GNL integrates Google’s search tools into your home screen, with a search bar for users to start web and voice searches with a single tap, Google Now and its smart cards locked to the leftmost panel of your home screen, and a provision for users to start voice search with the phrase “Okay Google”. This is absolutely free, and its one of the amazing features is it makes your window-bars transparent- reminding you back the days of the Windows Vista.

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