The first time you get an Android, you will obviously play with all its widgets and wallpapers. Eventually, the default wallpapers and icons start to look dull and then you decide its time for a change. Android OS allows you to install third party launchers and widgets to beautify and enhance your android OS user interface. However, I am not going to give you wallpapers or a layout of my home-screen, I’m leaving the imagination to you. After all, we all like to be original. Here are some of my recommended apps for android homescreen customization. You can download all of them from the Google Play Store.

Apex launcher


If you are bored with your default launcher try Apex. I  love HTC Sense UI and Xperia Z’s wallpapers but I have a Samsung Galaxy. Using Apex launcher I can download the themes of any smartphone. The theme includes icon pack as well as wallpapers. There are so many options in Apex that will let you get the best out of your homescreen and apps panel.  You can also try other launchers like Go launcher and Nova launcher and choose which one you like best. Most of the themes in Google Play Store are compatible with all of these launchers.

Apex Launcher is also available pro version where you will get access to more features such as transition, scrolling effects, customizable homescreen grid and icons, 9 homescreens, advanced theme engine, homescreen gestures and so on.

Beautiful widget Free

Android screen customization appsHave you seen the weather clock widget of HTC One or One X? It’s really cool. I haven’t found the exact widget but Beautiful Widget comes pretty close. Beautiful widget comes with clock, Weather and Wi-fi widgets. You can download and customize the weather and clock widgets. The free version allows you to download 10 themes. The pro version will support more themes and extra features like hourly forecast, moon phases, rich weather notification, day dreaming screen saver and access to web theme market and web theme mixer.

Battery HD

Android screen customization apps

This is a simple battery widget. You can use different color, sizes and positioning for the Battery Widget. The widget can be setup to display information such as battery remaining, temperature and voltage. You will have to agree that a giant battery does spice up the homescreen.

Zooper Widget

Android screen customization apps

Zooper widget is all about minimalistic UI. You can use a combination of cool wallpapers and Zooper clock, weather, calendar and battery widgets to get a minimalistic retro looking Android screen. Zooper uses minimum memory, as claimed by the developers Zooper will eat up only 10 MB memory even when you have 10 widgets on the screen.

Fancy Widget free

Android screen customization apps

If you just want a simple yet nice looking weather clock widget, Fancy Widget free will do the job. I must say it is not as good looking as Beautiful Widget but its free version offers more features such as moon phases and unlimited theme download.





Backgrounds and Wallpapers HD

free android homescreen customization appThis app allows you to download free high definition wallpapers from all categories such as people, pets, nature, quotes, music and more. Each categories has hundreds of wallpapers with author and copyright information. You are free to use these wallpapers in your Android or iOS smartphone, tablets and PCs and also share them in Facebook or Twitter.


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