Any working parent with kids can tell you from experience a few fun games on your smartphone can be a lifesaver. Taking your smartphone out and giving your little one quick entertainment will help you prevent meltdowns when you’re out on the road, or trying to get a meal in a decent restaurant. Here are the top apps for toddlers to keep them entertained and help them learn.

Top Apps for Toddlers

PBS Kids

Who’s not in love with PBS? It’s been a standard of kid entertainment for years now, from Sesame Street to Mr. Rogers ‘ neighborhood — and it is still going strong. With the free to download PBS Kids Video & PBS Kids apps, your children can play games and watch clips based on today’s most popular PBS shows, such as Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Cat in the Hat. Top Apps for Toddlers Suitable for children as young as 2 years of age, the PBS Kids apps include something for all, introducing early science and math skills in engaging and full-color play.

Available for Android and iOS.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Your baby doesn’t even know that she’s learning when you install the fun child app, the Monkey Preschool Lunchbox. they’re going to learn colors, shapes, and counting in an instantly enjoyable GUI led by a lovely monkey, Milo. Increasing activity that has been completed comes with a reward where your toddler can select a sticker to add to her set. Top Apps for Toddlers Available for Android and iOS.

ABC Mouse

ABCmouse is a learning app with a subscription-based plan for your toddler. While it’s not free, it definitely goes a long way if you’re searching for a great learning app for children. It starts in a simulated classroom where your children can choose from a variety of different activities. There are several programs to choose from to teach reading, arithmetic, drawing, counting, and music skills. ABCmouse lets you add your toddler’s age to the settings so that it can construct a personalized experience for children from as young as two and up to the second grade! Top Apps for Toddlers Do you have more than one child? At the same monthly subscription fee, you can add up to three siblings to your account.

Get it from here.

Toca Boca Suit

Toca Boca’s collection of apps has become one of the most famous brands nowadays. With lively, interactive apps full of beautiful colors and fantastic sounds, Toca brings to life a variety of activities such as cooking, caring for pets and sick patients, hairstyling, as well as chemistry. Try a role-playing app like Toca Doctor or a basic app like hair styling. As they grow, your children will layout and create their own cities with the Toca Life apps.

Get it from here.

Busy Shapes 2

However, you can’t say that your child’s favorite device would function the same way when you’re not linked to WiFi. This is why it’s a smart idea to install some of the apps that function in flight mode before you get on a flight with your child. This upgrade from one of the most common toddler apps is a completely functional app, even in flight mode. Here, the toddler studies shapes by dragging and dropping shapes into fitting holes. The game is brought to life by breathtaking graphics and stunning, soothing background music that your kids will love. The shapes are made of real-life things like berries, allowing your children to identify shapes that are part of their everyday lives.

Available for iOS. 

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