If you haven’t realized it already, Google is trying to take over our lives. The come up with services for everything you do. You have a lot of them already and they keep on releasing new. You probably are using a few of them on daily basis and some you may haven’t even heard of or you just aren’t willing to use it yet. In this article, we’ll be talking about some of those services. Here are some Google services you should be using.

Google Services you should be using

Google released Duo in August 2016. Unfortunately, it didn’t get the popularity Google was hoping for. However, the app is not that bad, in fact, it may be better than most of the mainstream video calling apps. The video quality is great with little to no chance of connection drop. Duo doesn’t offer a lot of features but it is great at what it offers – high-quality video calling. You should try this app. Who knows, it may turn out to be better than the ones you currently use.

Google Cloud Print

This handy service lets you connect to the printers and allow you to use them from anywhere. These days you have more documents on your smartphones than on your flash drive, so this would save a lot of time; print straight from your smartphone. the hard part is to connect the printer to the internet, but it may be a lot easier on newer models.Google Services you should be using


Inbox by Gmail was heavily marketed after it was launched, but nowadays this service seems to have been forgotten. It was made as a smarter version of Gmail. Inbox analyzes your emails and sorts them automatically into categories. That’s not all; you can use the service to intelligently reschedule emails and mark emails as finished. Inbox works with Calendar to group emails into categories like Trips, Purchases and more. This takes some to get hang of, but after you do you’ll forget about any other email services.Google Services you should be using

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