If you’ve never heard of Truecaller, it is an app that lets you identify who is calling you even if you do not that that particular number stored on your contacts. This is extremely helpful in identifying telemarketers and spam calls. Here’s why you should use Truecaller.

Truecaller uses colors to help you identify the callers and tell you if it is safe or unsafe to receive. The color blue means it safe and if the color is red, then you shouldn’t receive the call. The reason Truecaller is so good at finding the nature of the contacts is that they use the phonebooks of users. This is a big privacy concern, but extremely effective in identifying the callers.

The app has evolved beyond just identifying the callers. Here’s why you should use Truecaller

Record Calls

Android users can now record calls using Truecaller. If you’ve set the app as your default contacts app, this can be quite easy. You can either set to start recording every calls automatically or manually record the calls you want. You do not even have to worry about running out of storage; all the recording will be automatically backed up on Google Drive. Manually recording the call is not too difficult either. You just need to toggle it during a call.Why you should use Truecaller

Integration with other apps

Truecaller is much more than just a caller identifier app. When using Truecaller, you can open any profile and see their Whatsapp profiles, just a tap away from a conversation. Truecaller works with full potential when using it with your Google account. Besides using Drive for all the backups, it is also integrated with Google Duo. You can start a Google Duo video call directly from Truecaller if both you can the contact use Duo.

Phone number lookup using cameras

This feature is one of the coolest. When you get a number on a piece of paper or on a sign, you do not need to enter the number manually using the dial pad. You can go to True caller > Menu > Scan a Number and point the camera to the number. Truecaller will show you the contact details. You could have manually entered the number to check the details, but this was is much easier in this scenario.Why you should use Truecaller

Available or On Call

Every user gets to set a status which is triggered automatically. Green indicated that you can receive a call or you’re available, and red means that you are currently on a call or unavailable. if you try to call someone who is currently on a call, Truecaller will warn you. You can choose to ignore it or send them a Call Me Back request instead. After the user hangs up, Truecaller will let them know that you want them to call you back. This is a simple yet efficient solution to the problem that had been haunting us for years.

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