If you are on a lot of Whatsapp groups or many old and unwanted conversations, you will want to delete some of them to stay organized. Deleting messages on Whatsapp is easy, but what if you delete something important by mistake? This is where backups come in handy. The conversations on Whatsapp are backed up on Google Drive and the storage that it occupies will not be counted. That is good news, isn’t it? But what many do not know it that these backups are not encrypted. If you value your safety then this is a big concern for you. But there is a way you can backup WhatsApp conversations but not on Google Drive.

Backup Whatsapp Conversations

The developers of Whatsapp care about you. There is a feature on the app that backups all your conversations every day on your local storage. The default time that it initiates back up procedure is 2 AM. If you accidentally delete any important conversation or factory reset your device, you can easily restore all your data. However, these back-ups will be a day old and any messages prior to that will still be lost.Backup WhatsApp Conversations

Here’s how you can restore those messages. You need to uninstall Whatsapp first. Then, download it again from the Google Play Store. Open it and go through the verification process. After the verification process is done, Whatsapp will automatically look for that backup on your device’s storage. It will ask for your confirmation. You’ll be able to see the size of the backup and when it was made. You can also manually initiate the backup procedure and not wait for the app to automatically do it. This way you may lose only a little if you accidentally delete any conversation.

Hit Restore and after its done, you will be notified about how many messages were restored. Tap on Next and continue setting up your profile.

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