Instagram does not let you download the videos you or any other user post. You see a quality content with amazing edit and you want to save it on your local storage, what do you do then? Even if Instagram does not support downloading videos natively, there are still workarounds to it. You can download it via an app on your Android, or a site on the Web. Without further ado here’s how to download videos from Instagram.

Download Videos from Instagram

Video Downloader

This is one of the most used downloaders for Instagram. You can easily download any video with a single tap and even repost it. Once you install the app and paste the link, a small icon appears on the bottom right corner of posts when tapped will download that post for you. All the tags that were used on that particular video will also be downloaded. You can then view the download content from your device’s gallery. Video Downloader is available for free on Google Play Store.Download Videos from Instagram


You can configure IFTTT to download all your videos from Instagram. Get the IFTTT applet and connect it to your Instagram account and your Dropbox account and you’re done. Configure the applet and everything else after that is automatic. Any videos you like or post will automatically be downloaded on your Dropbox. IFTTT can be configured to work on both your Android or PC. Get the applet from here.Download Videos from Instagram

Post Grabber

If you use Instagram on your PC or you prefer to download the content on there, then you can use the Web-based downloader called Post Grabber. This is unlike any other downloader you’ll find on the Web. It is a powerful tool that lets you grab not only one post but any other photos and videos linked with it. You’ll need the URL of the post you want, paste it in the URL field and click on Go. And you’re done. Wait for it to download and you can do whatever you please with the post. One downside of this tool is that it only works with posts that are public. It cannot grab content from private profiles. Visit the site to get started.Download Videos from Instagram

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