After long-term usage, Android devices get clogged with files you don’t really need. They occupy your precious storage and even affect your device’s performance. Duplicate files are one major reason your device’s storage gets unnecessarily occupied. You won’t notice any duplicate songs, photos and other things are unnecessarily occupying your storage right now. So here’s how to delete duplicate files on Android.

Delete Duplicate Files on Android

Method 1: Manually Deleting

This may sound obvious (and it is), but most of the people don’t bother checking their storage and see what’s occupying it. If you have few files on your device’s storage, it is easier just to manually go through a folder using a good file manager and deleting any duplicate file you see. Just scroll through the folders and use the delete option. However, if you have a large collection of files and folders, you’ll need an app for that.

Method 2: Using Duplicate Files Fixer

It is not sensible to go through each folder, searching for unwanted duplicate files and deleting them on a device with a huge library. This’ll be time consuming and unproductive. You can use app specially built for this purpose. There are a lot of apps that can perform this job but we recommend Duplicate Files Fixer. This free app is reliable, simple, and does what needs to be done. Get this app on Google Play Store.Delete Duplicate Files on Android

To get started, download the app and open it. you see a guide on how to use the app. You can skip it or go through it using the Let’s Go button on the bottom. Once the guide reaches its last page, tap on Got It, Lets Start button to begin using the app. You’ll need to grant permissions for the app to let it access our storage. This is necessary if you want the app to work as intended. Once it is done, tap on Got It and you’ll see the app’s home screen.

On the main screen, you’ll see the list of files the app can scan. You have the option to scan Audio, Videos, Pictures, or Documents. Or, you can use Full Duplicate Scan to scan all file types. After you’ve made up your mind on what you want the app to scan for, tap on Scan Now button. You’ll need to grant permission to access the files. The app will begin doing its thing.

After the scan is complete, you’ll see a list of all the duplicates the app found on your storage. You can either view the files or swipe left to move through the file types. You’ll see that only one of the file form the duplicate is selected. Make sure you g through the files to see if everything’s right and the right files are selected. After you’re done, you can either Delete Now or Backup Now. The later will open Google Play Store showing you a list of app that can perform backups. Tap on Delete Now to remove all the duplicates. Afte the deletion process is done, the app will show you how much space you freed after deleting the duplicates.

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