You may not know it, but blocking a certain phone number is as easy as it ever was. You do not need any apps 3rd party apps to block the number of annoying telemarketers or your ex. Smartphone manufacturers nowadays started integrating the feature to block number straight out of the box. Blocking numbers on different devices can be a bit different as each manufacturer tries to create their own unique them and interface. We’ve listed some popular brands and how to block phone numbers on them.

Block Phone Numbers on Android

Block Phone Numbers on Stock Android / Android One

If you’re using a smartphone that runs on stock android like the Google Pixel, or Android One, then you have 3 different ways to block a phone number.

Method 1: The first method is by opening the Phone app > tapping on the 3-dot icon located at the top right corner > selecting Settings > tapping on Blocked Numbers and adding the number you don’t want to get calls from.

Method 2: The second method should be your preferred way if you recently got the call from the number. You should open the Phone app > go to Recent > tap on the number you want to block > and select Block/Report Spam.

Method 3: You can also block a number from the Messages app. Open Messages > press and hold on the number you want to block > tap on the block icon (has a circle with a line going through it) located at the top right corner.

Block Phone Numbers on Samsung Smartphones

The way to block a number on a Samsung smartphone is similar to the phones running stock Android. There are 2 methods with which you can block a number on Samsung smartphones.Block Phone Numbers

Method 1: You can go to the Phone app > tap on the 3-dot icon > tap on Settings > select Blocked numbers > and add the numbers you’d like to stop gettings calls and messages from. You can also block unknown callers by simply toggling Block unknown callers.

Method 2: The next method is through the Recent Calls list. You should go to Phone app > Recent > select the number you want to add to the blocked list > tap on the menu icon (3-dot) > and tap Block number

Block Phone Numbers on LG Smartphones

Blocking a phone number on an LG smartphone is comparatively easier than those made by other manufacturers. You can simply open the Phone app > tap on Call logs tab > select the phone number you want to stop annoying you > tap on Menu icon located at the upper-right corner > and then tap on Block number from the menu. You can also easily unblock any number anytime you want from Phone app > Call logs > Menu > Call blocking & Decline with message > Blocked numbers.Block Phone Numbers

Block Phone Numbers on HTC Smartphones

The method of blocking phone numbers on an HTC smartphone is more or less the same that on Stock Android. if you want to block a number on an HTC device, open the Phone app > select Call history tab > press and hold the number you want to block > tap on Block contact/caller and you’re good to go. The numbers you have blocked will be listed and you can unblock at any time.

Block Phone Numbers

Block Phone Numbers on Huawei Smartphones

Thing is little different on a Huawei smartphone. You can use any of the 2 methods to block a number on Huawei devices.

Method 1: If the number you want to block is already saved in your contacts then got to Phone app > tap on Contacts icon > select the contact > tap on More icon located at the bottom > and then select Add to the blacklist.

Method 2: You can also block numbers from the Phone Manager app > Blocked > tap on Gear icon on the upper right corner > tap on Numbers blacklist > and then tap on Add.

Block Phone Numbers

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