Even after deleting everything you can think of that you don’t need, your Android still says the same thing – Insufficient storage available. This is caused by cached files. In this article, we’ll show you how cached files can be deleted to free up space and fix Insufficient storage available error.

Fix Insufficient Storage Available Error

High-end devices with 64GB / 128 GB or higher storage may rarely see this error, but there are lower-end devices which still come with 16 gigs of storage or less. The apps are getting bigger but your storage isn’t. So when you’re playing with such low storage space, the OS itself may take a huge chunk from it. And after installing a couple of storage-hungry apps, you’ll start to be annoyed with the “Insufficient storage available” error after the storage size seriously falls down.Fix Insufficient Storage Available Error

The first thing that comes to your mind after you see that error is uninstalling the apps you haven’t used in a long time. You may also have checked out your Downloads folder and delete the files you don’t need. You deleted half of your Gallery. You have done everything you would think of but the error just won’t go. Why? Because of Cached files.

The best option would be to buy a better device will larger storage. But, this is not the option for you right now. So now, let’s remove the unnecessary cache files from your storage.

Clearing Cached Files

Even after uninstalling tons of apps and removing tons of files if you are still seeing the Insufficient storage available error, then you need to delete Android’s cache.

On some Android devices, doing so is as simple as opening Settings > browsing to Storage > tapping on Cached data and selecting OK to clear the cached files. You can manually clear cache for individual apps from Settings > Apps > selecting an app > Clear cache. If you are running Android Marshmallow or later versions, you can clear cache from Settings > Apps > selecting an app > Tap Storage > Clear Cache.

Clearing the cached files will remove the annoying Insufficient Storage Available Error.

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