Nothing can compare to Android’s notification system. It is in simple term the best out there. But even the best can sometimes fall down. As Android is customizable, manufacturers use their own themes and skins to make the UI stand out. This may cause some glitches in some apps. And also the extensive options on certain apps can affect how notifications are shown. If you are experiencing odd behavior with the Android notification system, this is the guide for you. Here’s how to fix Android notification not showing.

Fix Android Notification Not Showing


This is the most common and the most successful way of fixing a problem on any computer. Most of the fixes for problems you face on your Android may be just a reboot away. Reboot will stop all the background processes that may be responsible for the notification to not show up.

Fix Android Notification Not Showing

Check App’s Settings

A simple reboot will not work every time. Sometimes, the problem could be the app itself. Some apps have their own notification system that you can customize. You may want to check the app’s settings for notifications customization and see if it is turned off or any options are the culprit.

Battery Saving

Android will stop the background process for the app you do not regularly use or if it is in low power mode. This could be the reason behind the notification not showing up. Check if the battery is low or if you have accidentally enabled low power mode.

Fix Android Notification Not Showing

Reinstall / Update

If the notification of only one app is not showing up, the problem is the app itself. It is best if you reinstall the app. Also, the version you are currently using may be buggy. Check if the developer has rolled out an update to fix the issue. If the app has no new updates and reinstalling it didn’t fix the issue, you could manually install the previous version for the site like APKMirror until a new update comes.

Fix Android Notification Not Showing

Do Not Disturb

On most of the Androids, DoD can be turned on by pressing the volume down button and keep pressing it until you see DoD being enabled or by tapping on the DoD on Quick Settings. You may have accidentally turned on DoD or Do Not Disturb mode. This will stop all the notifications. It is wise to check if this is the issue.

Fix Android Notification Not Showing

Background function restriction

If you are on Android Oreo and above, you can restrict the app from operating you are not actively using it. This affects notifications. Check if you have restricted the app to operation in background from Settings > Apps > App name > Battery > Background Restriction.

Fix Android Notification Not Showing

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