Fix No Command ErrorYou usually get a No Command error when you’re trying to update your Android device. although this is not a common error, however, it can get pretty annoying if you encounter one. The device gets stuck in a boot loop and every time the user tries to restart, No Command error appears. No Command error usually occurs when the update file is defective or due to the cache error. Don’t panic; there is a way you can fix this annoying error. If you have basic knowledge of android debugging, you can easily fix this error. Here’s how to Fix No Command Error on Android.

Fix No Command Error on Android

Method 1: Data Wipe

You can try to fix No Command error manually. If you’re trying to perform a software update or resetting your device and you see this error, you can use this method to fix it. this method requires you to access the Recovery. It is recommended to have your device at minimum 80% battery before trying to perform this. Follow the steps below;

Step 1: Get into your device’s recovery. The method may vary depending on your device. you have to press certain keys in combination to get into recovery. Google “how to get in recovery in xxx”. “XXX” is the name and model of your device.

Step 2: Use Volume keys to highlight the options and Power button to select it.

Step 3: Find the Wipe data / Factory reset option. Select it.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instruction to reset your device.

Step 5: After the reset completes successfully, restart your device and boot into OS. The No Command error should be gone.

Method 2: Wipe Cache

Most of the time you do not need to wipe the whole device to get rid of this error. A simple cache wipe should do. This way you do not lose your precious data and don’t have to re-configure your device all over again. Follow the steps below;

Step 1: Get into recovery.

Step 2: Use Volume up and Volume down keys to navigate. The power button is used to select the highlighted option.

Step 3: Find and highlight Wipe Cache Partition option and press the Power button to select it. Fix No Command ErrorStep 4: Follow the on-screen instruction if you see any. Step 5: After the procedure is done, restart your device.

The error should now be gone. If none of the above methods work for you (which is highly unlikely), you can flash a custom ROM for your device to get rid of No Command error. You can visit XDA Forums and search for your device to find suitable custom ROM. Flashing a custom ROM is a whole different story and will not be covered in this article.  

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