Google pay was released to make our lives easier. No need for cash; all you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions. Google Pay is already available in many countries. A countless number of people are already using it. However, some are facing a strange problem. When they try to launch the Google Pay app, It shows an error saying Google Pay can’t be used on this device. They then see another error message saying Google can’t confirm that your device meets Google Pay’s security standards. This error can be caused by 3 reasons – the device you are using is rooted, you have unlocked the bootloader or a custom firmware has been installed on the device. Fortunately, there is a way you can fix this issue. Here’s how to Fix Google Pay can’t be used on this device error on Android. Google Pay can’t be used on this device error

Fix Google Pay can’t be used on this device error

To fix this issue, you will need the help of Magisk. It is a tool that provides “systemless” root method. That means it can modify the system without actually modifying it. The modification is stored in the boot partition instead of modifying the system files. To know for about Magisk, visit its official XDA thread. You will, however, need to remove root access if you use some other methods to gain root access as Magisk has its own root method knows as MagiskSU.  Follow the steps below to fix Google Pay can’t be used on this device error. Step 1: Download the latest Magisk zip file. Step 2: Boot into custom recovery. Step 3: Install Magisk. Step 4: Reboot. Step 5: You will find Magisk in the Apps menu. Step 6: Open Magisk. Google Pay can’t be used on this device errorStep 7: Go to Settings and enable Magisk Hide. Step 8: Open Magisk Hide from the apps drawer. Step 9: See if Google Pay is marked or not. Step 10: Go to Module and add a module for Safety Net. Step 11:  Launch Safety Net. Google Pay should work properly now. This method hides root access and unlocked bootloader from Google Pay. Also Read:


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