Google Assistant is already making our life easier by providing us with hands-free operation. With tons of pre-defined commands to operate almost any feature your Android device has. You can ask Google Assistant to search for a thing, see the weather forecast, open certain apps and much more. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could perform routine tasks when you speak out a certain single command? For example, when you wake up in the morning and speak out a certain command, Google Assistant will open up, let’s say, weather forecast and Messenger. Imagine how much time it would save on a daily basis. Fortunately, you can do this. Here’s how to create custom commands in Google Assistant.

Create Custom Commands in Google Assistant

So let’s begin. You can start by opening up the Google app. Head over to the Settings by tapping on the hamburger icon located at the bottom-right corner. When inside, tap on Settings under Google Assistant tab. Then you will see 3 tabs – Personal info, Assistant, Services, and Home. You need to tap on the Assistant tab. Create Custom Commands in Google Assistant There you will see some pre-defined commands for you to use, but we are trying to create our own commands.  Tap on the blue circle with a plus sign icon. This will take you to the New Routine page. Once you’re in there, tap on Add Commands. Add a command of your choice and then head down to Add Action. This will let you add the actions that you want Google Assistant to perform when you speak out the custom command you previously assigned. Create Custom Commands in Google Assistant If you want an action to give out additional information, you can tap on the gear located next to additional information. Do not forget to save your actions by tapping on Add Options located at the top. You can change the order of the actions too. You just have to tap on the routine and then on Change Order. Change the order of the actions as per your preference. After that’s been done, you can simply go back and the order will be automatically saved. Play around with this feature for a while, you will find it extremely useful and time-saving. Create Custom Commands in Google AssistantAlso Read:


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