Gboard not working on Android and iOSGboard not working? Google claims that “Gboard has everything you love about Google Keyboard” and they are right. Gboard is a keyboard app developed by Google for Android and iOS devices. Integration with tons of Google services like search, translate and maps makes Gboard everyone’s ideal choice. Its speed and reliability make it the top choice for most of the users. But, even the best sometimes have their bad days. Gboard, for some reason, may not be working on your device or showing up on android / iOS devices. however, it is easy to fix and only require a couple of steps. Here’s how to fix Gboard not working error on Android and iOS.

How to fix Gboard not working error

We may not be able to pinpoint the reason Gboard stopped working on your device, but we can follow the fix below to make it work again. If a fix doesn’t work for you, you can try another until the app starts working again.

Restart Device

This should always be your first option when anything goes wrong with your Android. It works some of the time and everyone knows how to restart their device. Just press and hold your power button until the menu comes up and then tap on Restart or Reboot.

Clear Cache

Cache helps the app to perform faster why storing fragments of data that the app frequently uses. It slows down your system due to the memory it acquires. Most of the times it is filled with crap information which will not be required in the future. Clearing cache may help Gboard to work properly.

To clear Cache

  • go to Settings
  • tap on Apps
  • find Gboard and tap on it
  • select Storage
  • tap on Clear Cache.fix Gboard not working error

Uninstall Updates

A new update may sometimes break the app due to compatibility issue. Apps are updated to add new features, patch issues, fix bugs, etc but sometimes these updates may make the app to stop working on your device. The wise thing to do in this case is to roll back to the previous version.

To do so

  • go to Settings
  • tap on Apps
  • find Gboard and tap on it
  • tap on the 3-dot menu located on the upper right corner
  • select Uninstall updates.

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Force Stop or Uninstall

Sometimes a mere force stop can make the app behave properly, but sometimes you need to completely remove the app and install it again to make it work properly again. Try force stopping the app first and if it doesn’t work, reinstall the app.

To Force Stop the app

  • go to Settings
  • Apps > Gboard
  • and tap on Force Stop. Tap on OK to confirm. See if the app is working properly after you launch it again.
  • If not, its time to uninstall the app. To do so, go to Apps > Gboard
  • select Storage > Clear Data > go back > tap on Uninstall > and tap on OK to confirm.

Reinstall and see if the app is working properly.

Enable Gboard

Since Android already has a keyboard, you will need to remove it as default one and select Gboard. If this is the issue,

  • go to Settings
  • Language & input
  • tap on Current Keyboard
  • Choose Keyboard
  • disable all keyboards except Gboard.

This will gray out Gboard which indicates that it is now your default keyboard. fix Gboard not working error

Hope above solution will definitely solve your problem with Gboard keyboard not working on Android and iOS.


  1. My son is having trouble getting on his phone because of his password and I’m confused on trying to fix it is there a are another way to get pass the password if not do I have to tell my son to delete his user and make it his guest


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