Either you’re on a winning streak on a game or you want to show how to do something on a smartphone to your friend, screen recorder are immensely helpful on any of the cases. There are tons of screen recorders on the Google Play Store, but you will have a difficult time finding the one that suits your needs and works properly on your device. We’ve selected some of the easiest and feature-packed ones on the market. Here are some of the best screen recorders for Android.

Best Screen Recorders

DU Recorder

This free screen recording app has every feature you can think of. DU Recorder comes with a variety of video formats to choose from and you can set whatever quality you want your video and sound to be. Along with these, you get all the basic reorder functions such as taking screenshots, video recording, live streaming, and much more. The front camera can also be used for recording reaction to whatever you’re watching on your screen. Plus, you can create gifs from the recorded videos and add watermarks on the clips. When you are carrying a multi-core device on your pocket and using a screen recorder of this caliber, you can easily perform basic video editing without switching to your PC. Get in on Google Play Store.Best screen recorders

YouTube Gaming

If you spend too much time on YouTube and are a regular or new content creator, YouTube Gaming has its own recording tool just for you. Although the name of the app suggests it is designed for gamers you want to record their sessions and not miss out on any of the awesome moments, this app works well with apps other than games. So if you’re a gamer en route to becoming the greatest streamer till date, this is the app for you. One useful feature this app has is its ability to tell you how much recording time is left based on the remaining storage space. This could be really helpful if your gaming sessions are usually long and you don’t want to pause midgame to check your storage. To get going, you just have to pick up a game or any other app. The front camera will also be utilized by showing your face on an embedded bubble on the screen. This feature, however, stuck with you whether you like it or not. There’s no way to disable this feature. Sharing the clip on YouTube is simple and straightforward. You can also choose to apply some edits to your clips if you wish to. Get it on Google Play Store.Best screen recorders

AZ Screen Recorder

This screen recorder has been with us for a while and deserves to be the very best. It is simple to use and is featureful. After you’ve opened the app and configured, AZ Screen Recorder run in the background and you can access it with a small pop-up. From the pop-up, you can record the screen, screenshot and also start a live stream. All these features and yet you won’t feel overwhelmed by the controls. Plus, there’s a tutorial for those you want to learn to use the app first rather than discovering it features yourself. AZ Screen Recorder gives you the ability to change resolutions and frame rates, make a watermark with a logo or text of your choice. You can also set a countdown timer. There are still a lot of other features that will not be mentioned here. Feel free to test out the app yourself. There’s also a premium version that includes invisible pop-up controls, freedom from ads and much more. Get in on Google Play StoreBest screen recorders

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