When the device in your pocket is as powerful as a mid-range laptop, then why compromise on your video playing experience? The video player you get as default may not be the best one for you. So, if you’re planning to change your default video player, this article is for you. A good video player should at least support all video file formats, subtitles, and gestures. Here are some of the best video players for Android.

Best Video Players for Android

MX PlayerBest Video Players

MX Player has been with us for a while and is still one of the best video players there is for Android. It has a simple interface and supports gestures to make your experience even better. It supports both hardware and software decoding so you can throw any formats to it and it will play. The player has been updated with many useful features and one such feature is the Online section on its beta release. This section displays the trending YouTube videos in your region. Plus. It also has a section for music. Get in from Google Play Store.

VLC PlayerBest Video Players

Everyone has heard about VLC. It is as popular on PC as it is on Android. VLC is old and wise. Thanks to its rich features, this video player has become the go-to for anyone trying to move from their boring default video player. With its intuitive gesture controls and a simple interface, any beginner can use and navigate the player easily. And, it can play any media formats effortlessly provided that your hardware is powerful enough. What makes this player stand out is the ability to stream videos and audio directly from PC to Android with minimal setup. Other than that, the features are what you can find on any other good video players – subtitle download, sleep timer, etc. All these features and yet VLC is completely ad-free. Get it on Play Store.

GOM PlayerBest Video Players

GOM Player supports a wide range of file formats and comes with support for subtitles, gestures and such, like any other player on this list. But what makes it stand out is its ability to play 360° and VR videos. And, you do not have to worry about controls as you can control the video straight from the screen, just like on VR games. GOM Player supports a useful feature you didn’t know you want – screenshot options. You do not need to struggle with the buttons; instead just press a button on the screen and you’re done. With its integration to Google Drive and Dropbox, you can easily save your videos to the cloud. GOM Player is available on Play Store.

MOBO PlayerBest Video Players

MOBO Player is for those who want simple, fuss-free video playing experience. With a simple interface and intuitive controls, you will not feel overwhelmed. It supports all the usual video player features like subtitle support and vast file format support. One unique feature that makes this player stand out is its ability to create GIFs or a short video clip from the video you’re currently playing. With the option to save the video on a smaller resolution, you can easily share it with your friends. Get it on Google Play Store.

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