In your Android smartphone or tablet, it’s so hateful when the notification sound rings while you’re in the middle of an awesome game. In some cases, it may be even more annoying, when the game is full screen. You will have to go to the home screen to view what the notification is all about, and in most of the mid-range smartphones, while doing so, the game is closed, and you will probably have to play again from the start. Here, we have an idea on how to view notifications while playing fullscreen games on Android smartphone or tablet, without having you to go to the homescreen.

view notifications while playing fullscreen gamesThe technique depends upon your phone however. It may vary upon the phone model you posses, and the facility it has. If you have  a Google Nexus 5, it has a built in feature of making you view notifications while playing fullscreen games. For this, you have to swipe from top to bottom of the screen to reveal the notification bar. It will certainly make your life a while lot easier not having to exit so when playing. You can glance over and view notifications while playing fullscreen games every time on Android, and kudos to Google for this facility.

However, in case your android is not the Google Nexus 5 and is some other android smartphone or tablet, you can still avail this feature, since there are a lot of tricks. For this you will be required to download an app, the Bird Bar Notifications Tool, from the Google Play store and install it in your device. You can download the free version go get the basic features, but can upgrade anytime to get access to the premium features. With Bird Bar, all you need to do is swipe from off the edge of your screen onto the screen. It’s sort of like you are already doing, except you don’t need to see the notification bar or status bar to do it and it works from any side of the screen! Now, while you are waiting for a text message or email and playing an awesome game of Angry Birds, you can quickly glance at your notifications to see if the correct one came in, and then get right back into the game without every leaving and screwing up your progress. BirdBar works with all fullscreen applications and games, including movies and popular games like Plants vs Zombies.

view notifications while playing fullscreen games

Download the Bird Bar notifications tool here.



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