All Android devices need to comply and meet the requirements presented on Google’s Compatibility Definition Document to be able to ship with Google’s apps. If the devices that don’t meet these requirements, it is not secure as far as Google is concerned. You can still sideload the apps but you will not be able to sign in to it as Google is now taking steps to block uncertified devices. This is why you are seeing the error “ Device Is Not Certified By Google”. You can fix it easily though. Here how to fix “Device Is Not Certified By Google” error on Android.

Fix “Device Is Not Certified By Google” Error

If you get this error, that means your device is not certified by Google. If you didn’t see this error during the setup phase, then you might not see it but this may be the cause to why you cannot install apps from the Google Play Store or sign in to your Google Account.fix “Device Is Not Certified By Google” error

You can check your device’s certification by sideloading the Google Play Store app (if you do not have it). You will not be able to sign in but open the app regardless. Tap on the side menu button, scroll down and select Settings. Scroll to the bottom where you’ll find Device Certification field. This will tell you if the device is certified or not.

Google Play Store looks for an ID called the GSF Device ID, which it will not find on an uncertified device so it blocks app downloads and prevents you from signing in to your Google account. You can get around this by installing the app called Device ID from play store here. Sideload the app. Open the app and copy the GSF Device ID. You need to convert the id from hexadecimal to decimal using this site. Copy the converted ID. Now, go to Google’s Device Registration page and paste the ID and click Register. This should fix the error on most devices. If this doesn’t work on your device, then unfortunately you have to live with sideloading the apps rather than getting them from the Play Store.

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