Only a few smartwatches and activity trackers come with the ability to connect to the internet. Most of them rely on a smartphone for that. These devices come with a lot of sensors packed inside a small chassis which leave little or no room for adding a wifi adapter. Like any device, they run on firmware which may get updates. So if you cannot connect to the internet how do you update the firmware? You’ll be pleased to know that it is very simple. Here’s how to update smartwatch firmware.

How to update smartwatch firmware

Updating the firmware on such devices can be done through their companion apps. These apps act as a dashboard and storage. Below are the name of the companion apps for popular smartwatches and trackers. If the one you use isn’t listed here, you can search the company’s website.

Now its time to update the firmware. The first and foremost thing to do is to check if there is an update. This can be done using the companion app. There should be a setting screen where you can find all sort of information on your device and see if any updates have been rolled out. If you don’t see any, try updating the companion app as the update for some trackers are delivered via an update oh the app itself. Before you tap on that update button, make sure your device has at least 50% charge as an unexpected shutdown could brick your device. all you need to do is connect the smartwatch or tracker to your phone or PC and it will push the update to your device.

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  1. The firmware is actually the basic software of a smartwatch. There is an option like “Check for Firmware Update” on the smartwatch. Simply clicking on it, you can update the firmware of that smartwatch. The update makes the smartwatch run more smooth and fast.


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