Android has been backing up your essentials stuffs like contacts, Gmail messages, WiFi passwords, etc to Google Drive for a long time. But up until now, your call logs and SMS were not included in the things to be backed up. You had to do it via 3rd party apps. Some phones like Google’s Pixel had this functionality, but Oreo made this available for all Android devices. If your device is running on Oreo, you can now back up your call logs and SMS among other things. Here’s how to backup call logs and SMS to Google Drive on Android Oreo.

Backup Call Logs and SMS to Google Drive on Android Oreo

This is a pretty straightforward as backing up your contacts. If for some reason this functionality is not working or enabled automatically, you can do so by following this guide.

Start by opening up Settings and navigate down to System. There, find and tap on Backup. If you haven’t added your Google account, do so now. Then, enable Call History and SMS text messages along with all the other thing you want to back up. If you do now want to back up any specific item, the just exclude it by disabling the item.backup call logs

There have been reports of users now see this feature. This may be because of the version of Oreo that is running on your device. see if there is a system update. However, if you a custom version of Oreo then there is a possibility that it may not have this feature. Find a ROM that has this feature. if you cannot, you can use the app such as SMS & Call Backup from google play here. Note that you cannot assess the backed up call log and SMS information on your desktop. It has to be imported to another Android device. also, MMS is not backed up.

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