The preview version of Android P is available to download on selected Nexus devices. There is a lot of new and exciting features including the ability to markup screenshots when you take them. This removes the hassle of editing it later on an editor. This is an incredibly useful tool, but since Android P is only available on few devices, most of the users are unable to use it. Fortunately, a developer on XDA Developers has already ported the tool and is available for a lot of devices. Here’s how to get Android P Screenshot Markup tool.

Get Android P Screenshot Markup Tool

You can start by downloading the Google Markup for Android P. If you download it from your mobile device, then you can install it immediately. However, if you’re on a PC, you’ll need to sideload it. Copy the apk on your device and then install it.

To install the apk, you’ll first need to enable Unknown Sources. This will be under Settings > Security. If you’re on Oreo, you’ll have to allow certain apps to install apps. For example, a browser can download and install an app. So the easiest way is to copy the spk on your device, go to Settings and select Storage. Now, tap on Files and navigate to the folder where you put the apk. Tap on the apk and you’ll be prompted with a warning saying the app cannot be installed. This will redirect you to where you can enable unknown sources.get Android P Screenshot Markup tool

After installing the Markup Tool, you can start editing your screenshots. The tool contains crop, pen, and brush tools for editing your screenshots. This tool is currently in its preview version and you can expect it to improve with more feature after Android P has been officially released.

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