If you tend to spend a lot of time looking at your screen, eye strain can be a problem. There is some scientific research saying long exposure to bright screens may even disrupt your sleep cycle. The default brightness app may not be enough for reducing or even eliminating the strain. But these apps can help. Here are the top apps to manage screen brightness on Android.

Manage Screen Brightness


CF.Lumen is way ahead of any other screen brightness adjustment app. Unlike other apps that put a tinted overlay, it adjusts the colors of the screen by directly manipulating the gamma values. Moreover, if you choose to automatically adjust the brightness, the app does it according to your current location and time of the day. Options like Force sleep mode in dark or Force day mode in bright ambient light can help you adjust the brightness according to your need.Manage Screen Brightness

The Pro version of the app provides additional features such as quick toggle buttons and notifications. However, you can use all these pro features for free by selecting the Freeload settings. But it’s nice to throw some cash to support the developer. Get it from Google Play Store.


This is arguably one of the best brightness adjustment app for Android. the simple and minimal design will not overwhelm you. Lux offers 4 methods for auto-adjusting the backlight – Ascending, Dynamic, Periodic and On Wake. But if you want more flexibility, you can go ahead and manually adjust anything you want, including the maximum and minimum brightness and how quickly the backlight fades.Manage Screen Brightness

Sometimes Android’s minimum brightness is still way too bright, especially at night. Lux allows you to go sub-zero brightness. There’s a Pro version which adds features like using the camera to read the ambient light and much more. Find it on Google Play Store.


Velis is for those who find the settings on other heavy brightness management app underwhelming. This is a replacement for Android’s default brightness app. It may take some time to completely learn this app but the result is worthy. Velis gives you maximum control.Manage Screen Brightness

What makes this app stand apart is the graph it provides to read ambient light along the X-axis and screen brightness along the Y-axis. You have full control over the graph. You can make it change the brightness when on a certain ambient light. Download from Google Play Store.

Moreover, you can go below the minimum brightness levels and make the app not run when a certain app is running on foreground.

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