For those who are having a problem with the Google Play Store showing Error 940, this guide will walk you through some troubleshooting steps you can perform to get rid of the error. This error stops the download and prompts you to re-download the app and gives out the same error over and over again. Here’s how to fix Google Play Store error 940.

Fix Google Play Store error 940

A factory reset can solve this problem but you do not want to lose all your data just to fix this small error. There are other ways. Read on.

fix Google Play Store error 940

Force Restart: This will possibly get rid of the bug that is causing this error. A forced restart will clear the device’s memory and reload all the apps and services. This is for Samsung Galaxy S10, but the process should be similar.

fix Google Play Store error 940

To perform a forced restart;

  1. Press and hold the Volume Down button.
  2. Without releasing the Volume Down button, press and hold the Power button.
  3. Keep pressing the buttons for 10 minutes until the Samsung Galaxy logo appears on the screen.

Try to download the app again and see if the problem is fixed. If not, try other solutions.

Reset Play Store: This error often occurs when the app’s cache and data are corrupt or unable to update. A cache and data reset should fix error 940 and let you download apps from the Google Play Store.

To reset the Google Play Store app;

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Scroll down and find Apps. Tap on it.
  3. Find and select Google Play Store.
  4. Tap on Storage.
  5. Tap on Clear cache and Clear data. Confirm if needed.
  6. Restart your device.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, move on to the next one.

Wipe Cache Partition: If the Play Store’s cache was the issue, maybe it’s the system cache that is corrupted. If it’s the case, a wipe of system cache should fix the problem. To wipe the system partition, you need to get in the Recovery mode.

Follow the steps below;

  1. Shutdown the device.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up and Bixby button and then press and hold the Power button.
  3. After you see the boot logo, let go of all the buttons. Wait for the device to load Recovery.
  4. Using the volume buttons to navigate and power button to select, perform ‘wipe cache partition’.
  5. After the wipe is done, highlight the ‘Reboot system now’ and use the Power button to restart the device.

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