Let me guess your situation here. You bought the new Samsung Galaxy S10, went straight to your home and unpacked the beautiful device. You were awed to see how beautiful the device was. You turned it on and was more awed to see how fast and responsive everything was. Then you applied the screen protector because you would never want to happen anything to that big and shiny screen. You started to use the phone again but this time it didn’t feel right. It felt a little unresponsive. Do not worry, there’s nothing wrong with your new phone; you just need to turn up the screen sensitivity because of the screen protector you just applied. Here’s how to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 screen sensitivity.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Sensitivity issue

If the screen protector is making your phone miss some touches or is not as responsive as it previously was, this guide should fix the issue. Samsung’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensor located inside the screen doesn’t work with just any screen protector. This is why they included a special screen protector in the package. But still, some might fell the screen is not sensitive enough. For those people, this guide will help. Follow the steps below;

Step 1: Go over to the System Settings from the app drawer or by pressing the gear icon on the notification shade.

Step 2: Scroll down and find Display from the list.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Sensitivity

Step 3: Find the Touch sensitivity options and then tap the toggle beside it to turn it on. Optional: Enable Accidental touch protection too if you don’t want accidental touches when using the phone.

And you’re done. Now when you use the screen, you will feel it to be as responsive as it was before. If the problem is still there, it could be because you are using some 3rd party screen protector on your Galaxy S10. Take your phone to the nearest Samsung Service Center and get the Samsung approved screen protector.

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