Have you ever noticed that every once in a while, our Android device behaves peculiar during the start up. Whether it be the device stuck in boot-loop or the optimizing app 1 of 1 issue, they are all irritating. Like me, if you’ve ever faced the later one, this post will guide you to solve the “Android is starting” or “Optimizing Apps” issue.Optimizing Apps - Image

Know what causes “Optimizing Apps” message

Before jumping into the possible solutions, let us learn what is the root cause of your device displaying the message. Whenever your Android version upgrades, the device creates an optimized version of each apps for the newer version. This process helps the apps to start as fast as it can later on. However, this process may completely lock you out of your device.

Android is Starting: Fix the issue

Depending on what triggered your device to display the message, there might be more than a few fixes. Some of which you can try yourself are:

#1. Uninstall the apps you’ve recently installed

The optimizing apps issue may be a result of the application you recently installed or updated. If you recall the apps you’ve installed recently, try uninstalling them. Although this is just a hit and trial method, it is worth a try. In order to uninstall apps:

  • Go to Settings >> Installed Apps
  • Select recently installed application
  • Tap on Uninstall

#2. Boot in Safe Mode

Optimizing Apps - Enter Safe ModeSafe Mode refers to boot your device without any third-party apps. In Safe mode, third-party apps cannot run at all. To enter safe mode:

  • Press Power Button until it shows the boot options
  • Long press Power off option until the device prompts you to reboot to safe mode. In some devices, holding Restart Button might do the trick.

For more details on How to Enter Safe Mode in Android, click here. If your device boots properly, then the latest app you installed might have caused the issue.

#3. Wipe Cache Partition

One of the solutions, that worked for me is to wipe cache partition. For this, you need to enter safe mode and delete cache partition. To wipe cache partition, just:

  • Power Off the device
  • Hold Power Off + Volume Button for about 5 seconds
  • Using the volume keys, navigate to Wipe cache partition
  • Press Power button to confirm
    Optimizing Apps - Wipe Cache Partition

#4. Factory Reset Your Device

None of the mentioned methods worked for you? However, you could do a factory reset in order to restore your device to the default settings. But be sure to back up all your data before proceeding.

  • Enter the Safe Mode
  • Select Wipe Data / Factory Reset
  • Press Power button to confirm
    Factory Reset

So, did any of these methods help you to solve the “Android is starting” or “Optimizing Apps” issue? Or do you have any other tricks? Let us know in the comment section below.

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