According to user reports, Android 13 occasionally prevents the Google assistant from functioning as intended. This post may be very helpful if your Google assistant stops operating after updating to Android 13 on your smartphone. To assist everyone with their regular tasks, Google Assistant was made available. And up till now, it has performed flawlessly. However, when Android 13 was released, many reported this glitch. Here’s how to fix Android 13 Google Assistant not working. You can also refer to this article to fix Android 13 Google Assistant force close issue.

Is Android 13 an Improvement?

If iOS 16 fundamentally alters how your iPhone functions, Android 13 is significantly more nuanced than that. Consider Material You, which debuted in Android 12. Your Android phone’s usability has changed, and its customizability has been improved, thanks to the upgrade. It made Android feel strongly designed rather than constructed for the first time. You would receive vibrant themes that seeped into Google’s applications and drew inspiration from your wallpaper, adding yet another layer of customization to your phone. In Android 13, Google has made several significant improvements to this. You now have a far wider range of color choices, with some being richer and much more vibrant and others being more pastel. Though you’re still not likely to see it in your preferred apps, it gives Material You’s color palette more variation. In relation to preferred applications, Material You also supports more app icons.

Google now supports multi-language capability in apps, allowing you to distinguish between the languages that are utilized by specific apps and your primary Android language. This enables you, for instance, to have your smartphone set up in French and your banking app in Spanish. Or, as another example, you may choose to use WhatsApp in Italian and Telegram in Russian. You may instantly appreciate the importance of this if you are bilingual or reside in a country with a diverse population. If you’re not, you can certainly still see its worth, but you won’t likely find it satisfying. These are only a few of the competent yet forgetful updates. The Android 13 upgrade is rather good. It tweaks the system, tightens up areas that needed mending, and adds new features that users requested, but it doesn’t fundamentally change the way you use your device. In contrast to Android 12, you won’t even notice that you’re running a new OS after downloading it.

How to Fix Android 13 Google Assistant Not Working?

Now back to the issue at hand. Your Google assistant may not be functioning for a number of reasons, including perhaps a microphone problem. It could be an issue in Android 13 that only an OTA update will solve if your Google assistant was operating normally before. In the meantime, you can try the following fixes to solve Android 13 Google Assistant Not Working.

Restart Device

One of the widely used problem-solving techniques is this one. Every time someone asks me for advice about a device, I always give this one because it usually works. If Google Assistant isn’t functioning properly for you, restarting your device can be helpful. Simply test that and see if a restart resolves the issue. Just select Restart while on the Power menu.

Fix Android 13 Wifi not Working

Check Internet

Google Assistant requires an internet connection to function properly. You should first examine your internet connectivity. Check your wifi or mobile data settings by opening the notification panel. If not, turn it on by touching the corresponding icons. You can also restart your router while you’re at it.

Fix Android 13 Google Assistant Not Working

Enable Google Assistant

While you get the option to enable Google Assistant when setting up the phone, you might have forgotten to do so. To do so follow the steps below.

  • Open Google
  • Open the Google app’s Settings. Tap on your profile picture to do so.
  • Select Search, Assistant & Voice.
  • Tap on Google Assistant.
  • Navigate to Hey Google & Voice Match.
  • Enable Hey Google

Fix Android 13 Google Assistant Not Working

Disable Other Assistants

Many of you might use Google Assistant in addition to other digital assistants. Alexa is one that’s popular. Although it’s a fantastic option, utilizing Google Assistant alongside it frequently leads to conflict. See whether removing any additional digital assistants solves the problem of Google Assistant not working.

Give Microphone Permission

To function, Google Assistant needs access to a microphone. To operate and hear your commands, it must constantly have unhindered access to the microphone. Your microphone may have been turned off by default after updating to Android 13; you must enable it for Google Assistant by granting it the microphone permission. Here’s how to do it.

  • Open Settings.
  • Navigate to Apps.
  • Find and tap on Google
  • Tap on Permission and allow the app to use the microphone.

Fix Android 13 Google Assistant Not Working

Clear Cache

This step can help you solve your problem if you are still having trouble with the Android 13 Google Assistant. To get your assistant working again, you must erase the cache data for the Google app. Here’s how you do it.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on Apps.
  • Find and select Google
  • Tap on Storage > Clear Cache.

Check for Updates

Running an outdated version of the Google and Google Assistant apps is typically not a huge deal, but occasionally you could run into compatibility problems. The best course of action is to update everything, particularly if Google Assistant isn’t functioning properly.

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Tap on your profile picture or avatar.
  • Select Manage Apps & Device.
  • Navigate to Update Available.
  • Tap on the Update All button, or just select Google

Also, see if there is a system update.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Navigate to System.
  • Tap on System Update.
  • Hit the Check for Update
  • Download the update if available.

Setup Voice Model

If Google Assistant doesn’t respond to your voice commands, this could be the culprit. All you need to do to correct this is retrain the Voice Model.

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to Google.
  • Tap on Settings for Google Apps.
  • Select Search, Assistant & Voice.
  • Tap on Google Assistant.
  • Navigate on Hey Google & Voice Match.
  • Select Voice Model.
  • Tap on Retrain Voice Model.
  • Follow the instructions and then hit Finish.

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