Gmail is one of the most popular web based email service around the globe. Google is always concerned about providing smooth services to their customers. They have came up with various  measures or solutions to make flawless email service. Despite all these measures, user have to face several error message occasionally while using Gmail service.

Today we are going to discuss on one of the such errors that occurs while using the Gmail service. The error message is Oops.. the system encountered a problem(#102). The problem is commonly known as Gmail Error 102. This message appears while user tries open the gmail, delete an email or move emails between folders.

If you have experienced such error than this article can help you in resolving the error. You can also let us know if there are similar problems like this One. Here, we will brief you about the possible cause behind the Gmail error 102 and steps to resolve this error. Let’s discuss.

Possible reason behind the error message “Oops.. the system encountered a problem(#102)” Occurrence.

There is no single reason behind this issue. There may be various causes that can result in such message. Some of the cause behind this error message are listed below:

Unsupported Browser: A Browser is a place through which you can get access to Gmail service. Various technical changes occur along with the time so as the change in Gmail service. If you are using the browser of old version or using an unsupported browser than you are more likely to get this error message.

Unstable Internet Connection

Stable Internet Connection is most to get access to the Gmail service. If you are using internet with weak connection than it may create the Gmail 102 error. So, make sure you are using the connection with fast speed.

Bad Caches and Cookies In Your Browser
Cache and Cookies help us to make our internet browsing experience more pleasant. Sometimes, the corrupted cookies can also cause this type of error.

Random Add-Ons or extension in a browser

It is not always true that internet extensions and Add-Ons are perfect. Sometimes extensions may fail and may create disturbance in using services like Gmail. This malfunctioned piece of software can break the smooth operation of the browser due to which we may get the Gmail error 102.

How to get rid of the error “Oops.. the system encountered a problem?

As we have already discussed that there are no exact causes due to which such errors occur. Also, there is no specific solution to this error. Here are some of the steps that you should follow when you face such types of error message while using Gmail service.

Speed Your Internet Connection: The first thing you have to always do while you face Gmail 102 error, you should make sure that there is high speed and stable internet connection.

Disable Add-Ons and extension of Browser: Disable the installed Add-Ons and extension of the browser. Sometimes these extension can also cause problems. Once you disable the extension try reloading the page.

Gmail Error 102

Update Your Internet Browser: Always make sure that you are using the latest version of your Internet Browser. And also make sure that your browser is fully compatible with the Gmail. If you are using Google Chrome, follow these steps to update your internet browser.

  1. First Open your browser.
  2. Click on settings.
  3. Click on About Chrome.
  4. Check for available updates.

Clear Cache and Cookies: The process to clear the cache and cookies varies according to the browser. Check the user manual of the browser and proceed further with the steps to delete cache and cookies.

Try changing Browser: Make sure to change the browser if the above mentioned didn’t work. See if the error still remains or not.

Repair Corrupted Registry: Registry can be repaired using the various tool. One can find these repair tools online. Download the software and recover the corrupted registry. Make sure you handle the registry carefully otherwise it can cause the permanent damage to windows.

Switch To Basic HTML version of Gmail: If you are unable to fix the problem using above methods than you can switch to Basic HTML version of Gmail. Using the basic Gmail you have to compromise with some of the key features and function of gmail.


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