Pokemon Go is one of the most popular augmented reality game released by Niantic Inc on July 2016. The concepts of using latest technology in game made the Pokemon Go Popular. The Pokemon Go is only available on mobiles.

The Error 0 mostly appears in the login screen but it isn’t reported to cause any loss in functionality. But in some cases, this error affects the functionality to add friends. It also appears while you make some ‘in-game’ action in the application.

Pokemon Go Error 0

Cause: Pokemon Go Error 0

Technically, Error 0 means there is no any error. It is just a prompt or message that appears in the screen when using the application. Mostly the error can be caused due to the following reason.

Bad Cache

Sometimes the app cache can be corrupted due to which such error seems to occur.

Problem with user settings

Each phone is considered as a user. The user application data and specific settings data are stored accordingly so slight changes in user settings can also create such issues.

Issues with Application

Sometimes such error occurs due to issues with the application. But such case occurs rarely.

Solution: Pokemon Go Error 0.

Let’s have a look on some of the solutions to resolve the problem

Solution One: Clearing cache of Pokemon Go.

As mentioned before, the Error 0 on Pokemon Go occurs because of bad cache created by your application. This is a very common issue in Pokemon Go. Not only the Pokemon Go but bad cache can also disturb other working application. Once you’ve cleared Pokemon Go cache from your phone application, new file will be created. To Clear Pokemon Go Cache follow these steps.

  1. Go To Application Settings.
  2. Go To Installed Application.
  3. Search for Pokemon Go and Tap the application.
  4. Tap On Clear data.
  5. Select Clear Cache.

Solution Two: Clearing App Data of Pokemon Go.

If clearing cache data doesn’t work then try this solution. Now, you need to clear the application data on your smartphone. Clearing the app data can remove your activities with game such as remove details of your currently logged in device and the current application state. To Clear App Data from your phone please follow these steps.

  1. Go To Setting.
  2. Go To Installed Application.
  3. Search For Pokemon Go and Tap the application.
  4. Tap on Clear data option.
  5. Select Clear all data.

Solution Three: Uninstall and Reinstall Application.

If any of the above solution steps did not work then try reinstalling the application into your device. Since several bugs can create various problems. Updating application helps fixing such issues. For this, you have to first uninstall the current version of Pokemon Go installed on your smartphone.

Follow these step to uninstall pokemon go from your smartphone.

Go to setting >> installed application
Find Pokemon Go
Tap to uninstall.

Follow these step to reinstall Pokemon Go from your smartphone.

Go to Google Play Store >> Search Pokemon Go.
Tap on Install.

After installing the application, restart your smartphone. Launch your application ones the phone restarts and check if the for issue.


Here we discussed the ways that can resolve the pokemon go error. What was your experience with such errors? How did you solve such errors? If you have any then please let us know how you solved the problem. You can post your answer on the comment box below.

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