We all know that Pokemon Go is not a home playing game. People move around the city to catch the pokemon. I think we should give this game the named as outdoor playing game. Don’t you think so? Well this game not only drains our energy but also drain the battery so quickly. You will be quite surprise to hear that Pokemon Go increases backup battery sales by 101%. Ya ! This is true. According to the NDP Group, the sales of backup battery have rapidly increased since the Pokemon Go launch.

Pokemon Go increases backup battery sales by 101%Pokemon Go increases backup battery sales by 101%

Nearly 1.2 million units of portable power bank were sold during the two weeks after the game was launched which indicates 101% increase between July 10 and July 23, compared to the last year 2015 July (10-23). This year the demand for the portable power bank has increased tremendously with unit sales increasing 35 percent year-over-year for the 12 months ending June 2016. The units sales where just four percent above, compared to same time last year for the few weeks before the game’s launch.

[quote bcolor=”red”]“Pokémon Go is the summer’s hottest game partly because it utilizes features like location, motion sensors and augmented reality in your smartphone- however, these features consume more of the phone’s battery life. As a way to compensate for the extra battery usage, consumers are buying portable power packs so they can continue to play, uninterrupted.” -Ben Arnold, executive director, industry analyst for consumer technology at The NPD Group.[/quote]

Pokeball power bank
Pokeball Power Bank

Not only the Niantic earned lots of money but also some other companies earned due to this popular Pokemon Go game. Some of them are portable power bank, Pokemon accessories, Pokemon clothes and many more. One of the interesting and popular was Pokeball Power bank. Do have this Pokeball Power bank? Let us know if you have this power bank and what do you think about this Pokeball Power bank.

So this summer make sure you have an extra power bank to take with while playing Pokemon Go.

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