Pokemon Go is the latest growing trend among the youngster. We know that this game has broken lots of record in App store and Google play store. The update for Pokemon Go is now available in Google Play store and App store. Previously, the version of game was 0.29 and now the updated version is 0.31. Did you know that in previous version you were unknowingly granting Pokemon Go the permission to fully access your Google account. (on iOS devices).Pokemon Go update has solved this issuePokemon Go update

The company recognized the mistake and fixed the issue.  Now it request only “basic profile data” like user ID and email address from Google accounts. The new update has brought number of changes. Some of them are admired by players and other are yet to be figured out properly.

Things to know in the latest Pokemon Go update:

  1. The transfer button has moved:

transfer button has moved

In this new update you will see that the transfer button has moved. The transfer button that used to be at the bottom of each pokemon’s screen is now gone. It is replaced with a floating button that follows you down the page.

  1. You can still transfer:

You can still transferYes, you can still transfer pokemon. It’s just that the button has been moved for the sake of speed. You don’t need to worry, you can send pokemon back to the professor for rerelease.

You can also find a “Favorite” button in there. Just tap the star in the upper right to mark the pokemon as favorite which will help you to prevent from accidently transferring the pokemon.

  1. “Favorite” Pokemon appear to be protected

3. “Favorite” Pokemon appear to be protectedPreviously, when you use to transfer pokemons. Sometimes it might happen that you accidently send your favorite pokemon and you just get upset. There is nothing you can do.  But don’t worry, now you can tap on the star to mark it favorite pokemon which will prevent from being transferred.

(Note: This change you can find only in the new version of the game. People those who are using older version are still capable of transferring favorite pokemon. Pokemon Go update will only bring this change)

  1. Footprints are gone (for now?)

Footprints are gone A bug was found within few days of its launch, a bug developer that showed all pokemon as three footprints away- suggesting that they’re somewhat nearby, but that you’d have to walk a bit to track them down. As you got closer, the footprint count is supposed to go down.

No matter which way you walked or how close you got, the footprint stayed the same.

So far there is no fix for this issue as a result footprints have been removed entirely. The nearby drawer is there, but the footprints are gone. As soon as they fix the issue, the footprint will return back. Let’s hope so.

  1. “Don’t be Dumb” warnings

5. “Don’t be Dumb” warningsNow you can find some of the warning or let’s say the reminders that help people for getting in danger. Some of you might be aware while playing the game but there are also some of the people who just get so deep into the game that they forgot what is going around them.

Some of the reminders are as follows:

  • Do not trespass while playing Pokemon Go
  • Don’t drive while playing pokemon Go
  • Don’t enter dangerous area while playing Pokemon Go
  1. You can change your look

6.You can change your lookThere is good news for you guys. Previously you can design or make the profile of your choice only at the time of sign-up but now you can customize your profile anytime with a new “Customize” button. It lets you change the look of your avatar.

Also : Team Mystic players can now pick gear colored to match their team colors, just like instinct and valor have long been able to.

  1. Font has changed:

Font has changed:Pokemon Go update has changed the font of the Game. Now you can see the fonts are bolder than before and it is more attractive than before. I think you will like this.

  1. Some of medals got redesigned:

Some of medals got redesignedNow you will see some of the medals got redesigned and it looks very good than before. They don’t all use the same gold/silver/bronze icons anymore. Plenty still do, but things like breeder and jogger get their own looks.

  1. Some smaller improvement

Some smaller improvementNow Egg incubation screen has a button that’ll take you directly to the shop- just one more little push to encourage you to drop a few bucks in case that 5k egg has that Porygon you need.

No word yet on if we can transfer away 2k eggs that we don’t want that are just taking up spots for potential 10k eggs, but, well, probably not.

  1. Additional improvement we find in Pokemon Go update

  • Additional improvement Adjusted battle move damage values for some pokemon (read: they nerfed Vaporeon)
  • Refined gym animations
  • Improved memory issues
  • Fix bugs in wild Pokemon encounters
  • Fixed issues with certain map features (paths and walkways disappeared for a few days due to Google Maps API changes; they’re back now)

Soure: Techcrunch

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