Unfortunately, System UI has stopped or com.android.systemui has stopped or System UI not responding is one of the most common error while using the Android smartphone. I got this message every few seconds while using the phone. In this article, I will be sharing on how to fix this error, what is the reason behind the error and which solution helped me in solving the issue.

Unfortunately, System UI has stopped Error in Android

Reason For “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped”.

Further, I got to know that “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” Error is a system UI not responding common error among Android users and the reason behind error may differ from phone to phone. Some of the users have reported that the error is caused due to a third-party app, some said the problem in custom ROM while many users said due to the update of  Google app.

How to fix “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” Error in Android

The solution that worked for me was Uninstalling Google App Updates. The solution may not be the same for all the users so try some other solutions which I have mentioned below.

Before going into the actual solution try restarting your device. In most of the cases restarting the device has solved these issues.

Re-start your device

Sometimes just by restarting your device can solve the issue. So, why not try this once. To restart your device:

  • end call power buttonUnlock the screen of the devices.
  • Press and hold the “Power” button until a menu appears.
  • Select “Power off
  • Wait for the device to power off.
  • Wait 10 seconds, then press and hold the “Power” button to power the device back ON.
  • Now see if this fixes your error or not.

Solutions to fix “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped”

Method 1: Uninstall Google App Updates

There are lots of users who fixed their issue by uninstalling the Google app updates. It is said that the error is caused after updating Google App. Try this method to get rid of the error.

Uninstall Google App Updates

  • Go to Setting>> Go to Application Setting (In some devices application setting is named as apps).
  • Go to, All the apps >> Find the Google App>> Uninstall Updates
  • Now Restart your device and try to see if it fixes your error.

Note: You better choose “Do not auto-update app“. So that Google apps won’t be updated automatically and creates the same issue. To choose the option, Go to Google Play Store >> Click on three horizontal lines>> Click on Settings >> Choose the options “Do not auto-update app”.

Method 2: Scan the Phone with CM Security App

Most of the users have fixed “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” Error simply by scanning their device with CM Security App. This method has got a very good review from the users and I hope you will also be able to fix the issue using this method.

Scan the Phone with CM Security App

  • First, you need to Download CM Security App in your device
  • Once you have installed the app, Run the app
  • Now scan the phone with CM Security App and you are good to go.

You should be able to fix the error by now. But, if you are still facing the error then try to follow given methods.

Method 3: Reset App Preference

  • Go to Setting>> Go to Application Setting (In some devices application setting is named as Apps).
  • Go to, All the Apps > >Click on Menu Key/button [In some device you can even see three dots on the top right corner of the screen- click on it]
  • You will see different option >> Tap on “Reset app preferences”
  • A dialogue box will appear >> Read the content and Click on RESET APPS 
  • Now Restart your device and check if it fixes your error.

Method 4: Use Safe Mode

This method will let you know whether the third-party application is causing the error or not. In the safe mode, all third-party apps are disabled so we can detect the problem is with a third-party app or other.Use Safe Mode

  • Press and hold the Power button
  • You will see different Power option on your screen
  • Now press and hold the Power Off option continuously
  • After a few seconds, you will get a pop-up box asking you to restart the device in Safe Mode
  • Tap OK

As soon as the device opens in Safe Mode, check whether the error is solved or not. If there is no error then a third-party app may be causing the error. So, try uninstalling the recently downloaded app and see whether the error is fixed or not.

Method 5: Wipe cache partition from Recovery Mode

This has also worked for many of the users. We just need to wipe the cache partition and we can see that the error is fixed. Just follow the step as shown below and you can fix the error.

recovery modePhones and their keys/buttons to go in Recovery mode

  • Samsung Galaxy S6: Volume Up + Home + Power
  • Nexus 7: Volume Up + Volume Down + Power
  • Motorola Droid X: Home + Power
  • Devices With Camera Buttons: Volume Up + Camera
  • Most Android Phone: Volume Up + Power


  • First, turn off the phone >> Press volume up and power button together to go to Recovery Mode
  • After that Recovery Mode will appear with many options >> use volume up and down to control the screen and power button to press ok.
  • Select wipe cache partition >> press power button and it will then start cleaning the cache.
  • A message will appear after the completion >> Select reboot system now and it will start rebooting your device.

Now your device has wiped the cache and you can use the device like previously without error. This process may erase the save data of the app like the save game, high score etc.

If you are still facing the error then you can try the last solution, Factory Reset. It will fix your error.

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For Custom ROM usersMethod 6: For Custom ROM users

If you are using custom ROM like CyanogenMod, SlimROM etc and facing some errors whether it is “Unfortunately, settings has stopped” Error or any other than you should know either it is because of compatibility issue or the ROM has not been installed properly. So, it is better you reflash the operating system along with compatible GAPPs (Google Applications) package. If you are still getting the error, try flashing different ROM.

So, these are some of the methods to fix “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” Error in Android. Hopefully, you have solved the error and won’t face the error in future again. Let us know which method worked for you on comment below.


  1. My phone is still blind after pressing off button and volume up. What do I do to get this UI stop issue solve. Still can’t use my phone for anything

  2. In my Lenovo k8 Note I did the following to stop the error message “System UI has stopped”.
    Settings>Developer Option>Clik Background process limit & select No background processes.
    This solved the issue.

  3. LG V30….about a year/year and a half old no issues.
    On 8/13/2020 The Quad DAC just started to stop audio and video playback and prompts the “System UI not responding” dialog box when turned on. Audio and video playback work perfect when off. Haven’t added any new apps. Just sat down plugged my normal headphones in and the Quad DAC started acting up. Headphones…1MORE QUAD DRIVER.
    Not sure if there is a firmware/software issue or if a worn earjack would cause it. Can’t find any info.

    Please respond with any help.
    Thank you
    Charles Beasley
    [email protected]

  4. Thank you! I have an Android Alcatel 3t8 tablet from T-Mobile. The “System UI has stopped” problem must be rather current as a Reddit site had comments within the last 10 days or so.

    The T-Mobile support site online only mentioned rebooting and possibly doing a master reboot, so not really too helpful. Simply uninstalling recent Google updates resolved the issue (at least for now!)

    Thank you for the excellent and pertinent advice!

  5. I cant reset my phone or turn it off and its just a black screen but if someone messages me on apps like discord i can answer them just not open the app what do i do?


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