[dropcap]P[/dropcap]okemon Go is being big hit around the world. Apple has confirmed that Pokemon Go breaks App Store record for most downloaded app in First week ever. Apple has not given any download stats or numbers till now but we hope to get that soon. This game has not only managed to grab the attention of the people worldwide but also managed to be the part of daily life. People are being addicted to this game and they are spending most of their time catching the pokemon around the city. This game has created buzz around the world.

Pokemon Go breaks App Store record


Despite of being only available in a few countries at the time of launch, Pokemon Go managed to top the chart of App store and made the history. Pokemon Go was first launched in Australia, New Zealand and U.S.A. and slowly it launched across Europe including the UK, Germany and many other countries. Recently, Pokemon Go was launched in Japan and there are still many countries to get this game. Slowly Pokemon Go will roll out in more countries.  Large number of people are found playing Pokemon Go in the park, road and every possible place where you can catch the pokemon.

Pokemon Go breaks App Store Record

[quote bcolor=”#79d1f6″] The Loop shared this:

With all of the press it’s received in the past couple of weeks, it will come as no surprise that Pokemon Go has been a huge success. In fact, Apple told me today that the game has set a new App Store record with more downloads in its first week than any other app in history. That is impressive.

Apple also said that they have paid out $50 billion to developers. Again impressive, and it’s hard to even put that number into perspective. [/quote]

According to mobile analytics firm SuperData Research, Pokemon Go may have earned as much as $14 million by July 11th, putting its daily revenue at about $2 million in the first week alone. This game is going insane all over the world. This game has broken the record of Candy Crush Saga, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat.

I think we will see some of the great stats and record made by Pokemon Go in near future after the Game will be launched in more countries. The main question remains, What Pokemon Go will offer to its players to make them stick and play the game for long period of time? and for how long will it going to be on top of the chart of app store?

I personally think, this game will be a massive hit for long period of time and it will be difficult for any other app to break the record of Pokemon Go.

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