[dropcap]P[/dropcap]okemon Go, the sensational game that has already made a record of – most downloaded app of App Store in First week ever. Now it is going to take over lots of record that has ever made in the history of App Store and Google Play Store. According to App analytics Sensor Tower Pokémon Go is the fastest Mobile Game to reach 10 Million Worldwide Downloads. It just took a week (7 days) to achieve the record.

While Clash Royale took 9 days and Candy crush Jelly saga took 12 days to achieve the same record.Now, Pokemon Go estimated at over 75M downloads worldwide.

Pokemon GoThe company had not even started to celebrate the record properly when Pokemon Go smashed another record of Fastest Mobile Game to reach 50 Million worldwide Download just in 19 days. The second fastest game was Color Switch which took 77 days and third fastest game was Slither.io which took 81 days to get 50M downloads worldwide in Google Play Store. The company says that Pokémon Go has reached more than 75 million installs across iOS and Android based on their data.

Pokemon Go estimated at over 75M downloads worldwide

Sensor Tower Stats Pokemon Go estimated
Pokemon Go is the Fastest Mobile Game to reach 50 Million worldwide Downloads.

The game has not been launched in many of the countries so far, but also the people around the world are talking about the PoGo and waiting desperately to be launched in their country so that they can enjoy and experience the game. According to Sensor Tower- there are lots of sparks left in PoGo’s metaphorical Pikachu: The game is only available in 32 markets so far, out of a total possible 100 where Google Play and the App Store distribute their content. There is high possibility of achieving 100 million download worldwide within first two months.

This game is growing rapidly and we all know that games get more popularity as compare to any other app. So, it is easy for game to achieve the target than any other app. For example, An app named Tinder was launched in 2012, it reached to 100 million downloads only in January this year. But PoGo won’t take this long and it will surely make the new record- Fastest Mobile game/app to reach 100 million worldwide downloads.

Pokémon Go is talk of the Town and this buzz won’t disappear easily. We just have to wait and see how long will it take to accomplish the target of 100 million downloads worldwide.

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