Despite Pokemon Go being a fun augmented reality game, it can get a bit lonely sometimes as there are no in game social tools. That is why messaging apps for Pokemon Go players are on the rise. This particular messaging app for Pokemon Go players lets you chat will other players nearby without having to leave the game. Messenger for Pokemon Go is a messaging app for Pokemon Go players.

The goal of this augmented reality game is to catch Pokemon. It uses your device’s GPS to keep track of the path you are heading. However, once you get to level 5, you will be able to choose a team among 3 teams and challenge gyms. The 3 teams are Mystic (blue), Instinct (yellow) and Valor (red). Each team has a leader and each team represents one of the 3 legendary Pokémon – Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. After you join a team, you have to control and defend gyms from your opponents. This is where this app comes in as the developers of the game did not release any tool for communicating with the team.messenger for PoGo - Messaging app for Pokemon Go

Messenger for Pokemon Go lets you choose your team color and chat with the players of your team up to 30km away. All you have to do is install the app from the Google Play Store, sign in with your username, choose your team color and start communicating. This messaging app has the game’s design making it look like it is actually an in game feature. You can access it buy taping on the blue pokeball with a cross on it. It works just like the chat heads of Facebook messenger. You can reduce the radius of the messages down to 5km. You can also send your location to let other players know where you caught a rare or legendary Pokemon.

This is it. This app is pretty useful in you are into Pokemon Go. But rumor has it that an update will soon roll out with team specific chats. Till then you can use this awesome app.

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